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BASIC version of retrieving quote from google finance

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The function obtains quote from google finance into command line variable



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Couldn't find a working version of quote retriever so built my own.

>> gequote = get_gf_quote('ge','detailed')
Obtaining Google finance quote for ge...
gequote =

quote: 12.8600
companyId: 14135
dayOpen: 13.0700
dayClose: -1
mktCap: '136.18B'
dayHigh: 13.2600
dayLow: 12.7000
yrHigh: 32.7000
yrLow: 5.7300
yild: '9.64'
shares: '10.59B'
volume: '83.38M'

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Is anyone able to use it to stream real time quotes from google?

Great tool!
Indeed, I would also like to know if you can combine this with the datafeed toolbox.
Also, it would be great if you could extend the script to get quotes of specific days/weeks.

krish reddy

Hey Joe.. dont know how to stream real-time quotes but am sure you can use excel if you are a member of thinkorswim broker.
anyways, am writing a new piece of code to get all info related to a stock such as 'estimates' , ' news', 'guidance', from aolfinance, marketwatch, streetinsider and also ''ATM options-prices'


Joe (view profile)

I don't know why my last coment didn't post correctly. Anyways,
Iintended to ask if you have looked into using matlab's datafeed
toolbox to get streaming real-time quotes from google? I have
only seen how to do it with yahoo and bloomberg, but they both
charge for real-time quotes.


Joe (view profile)

I like this piece of code. Have you considered or do you have any ideas how to use this in conjunction with matlab's datafeed toolbox to get streaming real-time quotes from google finance?

Very Helpful 'quick' example ...



Detailed stock values such as market cap, shares, day low day high, yr high, yr low....

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