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object tracking using kalman filter

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object tracking using kalman filter



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I want to track object using kalman filter as real time..
not I connect my webcam and I have kalman filter code in matlab...
the kalman filter code is working while the system is not real time..
I mean when I appled the code on the image sequence.. it works.. it
can detect moving object and draws a circule around the object...
but when I work the same code in real time, it can not detect the
moving object or if detect it does not draw enough size of circule
round object...

can u help me...

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May be useful.


Bandar (view profile)

Error with this code

??? Error using ==> imread at 372
File "1.jpg" does not exist.

Error in ==> main at 19
Im{i} = double(imread([int2str(i),'.jpg']));

dear i have facing problems for tracking objects in video sequence kindly send me matlab cod


harun (view profile)

I solved this problem but now I want to make same application using extenden kalman filter... however, if i use EKF, i cannot determine f and h function....


ds (view profile)

Yong Zhao

Though the code is uncompleted, I understood the useage of kalman filter by this code. this is my description in chinese:

Yong Zhao

I have the same problem. The function extractball has missed!
and this file can't run independently. Need complement!

Fake Ghost

there are five image to be given in ur code what are they?
for i = 1:5
Im{i} = double(imread([int2str(i),'.jpg']));
Imzero = Im{i}+Imzero;
what is this function can u provide some explainantion

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