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gaimc : Graph Algorithms In Matlab Code

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gaimc : Graph Algorithms In Matlab Code


David Gleich (view profile)


Efficient pure-Matlab implementations of graph algorithms to complement MatlabBGL's mex functions.

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File Information

While MatlabBGL uses the Boost Graph Library for efficient graph routines,
gaimc implements everything in pure Matlab code. While the routines are
slower, they aren't as slow as I initially thought. Since people often
have problems getting MatlabBGL to compile on new versions of Matlab
or on new architectures, this library is then a complement to MatlabBGL.

See the published M-files for a few examples of the capabilities.

  depth first search (dfs)
  breadth first search (bfs)
  connected components (scomponents)
  maximum weight bipartite matching (bipartite_matching)
  Dijkstra's shortest paths (dijkstra)
  Prim's minimum spanning tree (mst_prim)
  clustering coefficients (clustercoeffs)
  directed clustering coefficients (dirclustercoeffs)
  core numbers (corenums)

The project is maintained at github :


Matlab Bgl inspired this file.

This file inspired Fgt Fold Geometry Toolbox.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)
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Comments and Ratings (8)
07 Oct 2016 dipanka tanu

26 Jul 2016 Zhe

Zhe (view profile)

Thanks for sharing this!
Which algorithm is used for the bipartite_matching?

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09 Jun 2014 Ernesto C├ęspedes Montero

23 May 2013 Lingji Chen

Great work!

There seems to be a bug in dfs(): The line

else v=mod(u+i-1,n)+1; if d(v)>0, continue; end, end

should be

else v=mod(u+i-1-1,n)+1; if d(v)>0, continue; end, end

22 Jul 2011 Alok

Alok (view profile)


Under what license is this available? Can I use this for commercial purposes?

Thanks for the great work.

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25 Feb 2011 Leon

Leon (view profile)

Thanks for your excellent library! It's great to be able to see how you've solved the technical issues. Good work!

I believe there is a small bug in your clusteringcoeffs.m code, Tt occurs when you try and calculate unweighted clustering with a normal format network (not csr).

Calling clustercoeffs.m(A,0) always exits with

"Error in ==> clustercoeffs at 42
if any(ai)<0, error('gaimc:clustercoeffs',... "

This is because ai is not defined; the easy solution is to nest:
if any(ai) <0, error( ....
within the "if usew, [rp ci ai]..." loop.

your code (lines 39-45):
if usew, [rp ci ai]=sparse_to_csr(A);
else [rp ci]=sparse_to_csr(A);
if any(ai)<0, error('gaimc:clustercoeffs',...
['only positive edge weights allowed\n' ...
'try clustercoeffs(A,0) for an unweighted comptuation']);

proposed fix (lines 39-45)
if usew, [rp ci ai]=sparse_to_csr(A);
if any(ai)<0, error('gaimc:clustercoeffs',...
['only positive edge weights allowed\n' ...
'try clustercoeffs(A,0) for an unweighted comptuation']);
else [rp ci]=sparse_to_csr(A);

Hope that helps,

25 Nov 2010 Forrest Bao

18 May 2009 Jeremy Kozdon

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