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class2str: creates an eval-able string containing Matlab code describing a variable

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class2str: creates an eval-able string containing Matlab code describing a variable



Creates an eval-like string which represents a variable. Useful for saving data/INI configuration

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File Information

class2str(this,data) Create a string [ 'this = data;' ]
    This function creates a string containing Matlab code describing a variable. Works recursively, for any class type (char, struct, cell, array, objects, ...). First argument may be omitted, so that class2str(variable) will also work. String can then be exported into a file.

this: string containing the name of the object to describe (optional)
data: any data set (struct, array, cell, char)

str: string which contains a code to generate the data.

str=class2str('this', struct('a',1,'b',{'a comment'},'c',{[]}) );
str=class2str(struct('a',1,'b',{'a comment'},'c',{[]}));

See also: mat2str, num2str, eval, sprintf

  Part of: iFiles utilities (ILL library)
  Author: E. Farhi <>. June, 2007.

MATLAB release MATLAB 6.5 (R13)
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Comments and Ratings (1)
19 May 2009 us

us (view profile)

nice and useful utility... given the release for which it was coded (r13)

unfortunately, it does not (yet!) too well for more modern data types:
- function handles are recognized and it ends with a error msg
- graphics handles, eg, gca/line/etc, are caught by
their current value
- other classes are decoded into a struct, which may not
completely reconstruct the object, eg,
c=cfit; % <- a fit object
ends up as

some of these (understandable) shortcomings should be mentioned in the help section...

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