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This file contains the matlab code needed for building a GUI for controlling the robot through a PC.



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The GUI is divided into different segments : Video, Roboarm control, lights control and navigation control.

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Sajid Anwar

Sajid Anwar

zhou jianshan


Suleman Shafqat

i didnt get , what is it for?

fremond khoo

erm mr author..can u tell me how to fixed this problem? really in need of your help

Thanks for downloading and rating my file.

fremond khoo

excuse really happy to have found this!!!...looks like i have been saved..dear author..first of all i would like to thank you!!..secondly..can i ask why can't i open the m-file? will come out as follow when i run the file..

Please follow these steps in reporting this problem to The MathWorks so
that we have the best chance of correcting it:

1. Send this crash report to for automated analysis.
For your convenience, this information has been recorded in:

2. Also, if the problem is reproducible, send the crash report to along with:
- A specific list of steps that will reproduce the problem
- Any M, MEX, MDL or other files required to reproduce the problem
- Any error messages displayed to the command window
A technical support engineer will contact you with further information.

Thank you for your assistance. Please save your workspace and restart
MATLAB before continuing your work.

Error in ==> guidefunc at 99
varargout = readSavedFigure(varargin{:});

Could not create figure:

i will be very very grateful if u can help me out..^^


Hi Chhaniyara,

Your study is very well, I run it only PC but I want to control a robot with your GUI pls give me detail your study and how can I cope with this problem?

not bad

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