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CNN - Convolutional neural network class

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CNN - Convolutional neural network class


Mihail Sirotenko (view profile)

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28 May 2009 (Updated )

This project provides matlab class for implementation of convolutional neural networks.
ver 0.83/@cnn/cnn.m
ver 0.83/back_conv2.m
ver 0.83/back_subsample.m
ver 0.83/changelog.txt
ver 0.83/changelog.txt~
ver 0.83/cnet.mat
ver 0.83/cnet_tool.m
ver 0.83/cnn2singlestruct.m
ver 0.83/cnn_gui.fig
ver 0.83/cnn_gui.m
ver 0.83/cucalcMCR.m
ver 0.83/cutrain_cnn.m
ver 0.83/fastFilter2.m
ver 0.83/license.txt
ver 0.83/license.txt~
ver 0.83/mse.m
ver 0.83/preproc_data.m
ver 0.83/preproc_image.m
ver 0.83/purelin.m
ver 0.83/rand_std.m
ver 0.83/readme.txt
ver 0.83/readMNIST.m
ver 0.83/readMNIST_image.m
ver 0.83/rot180.m
ver 0.83/singlestruct2cnn.m
ver 0.83/subsample.m
ver 0.83/tansig_mod.m
ver 0.83/test_dgt.m
ver 0.83/train_cnn.m

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