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COMBINATOR -combinations AND permutations

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COMBINATOR -combinations AND permutations


Matt Fig (view profile)


02 Jun 2009 (Updated )

Returns 1 of 4 different samplings on the set 1:N, taken K at a time.

%CUMSUMALL cumulative sum of integer elements 
%   For vectors, CUMSUMALL(X) is a vector containing the cumulative sum of
%   the elements of X. For matrices, CUMSUM(X) is a matrix the same size
%   as X containing the cumulative sums over each column.  
% Class suport:
%     int8, int16, int32
% Keep in mind that the usefullness of this MEX-File is limited because of
% saturation for most problems outside of use with COMBINATOR.
%   See also cumsum, CUMPROD, SUM, PROD.

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