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Shortcut State Space Circuit Analysis

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Shortcut state space circuit analysis to facilitate correct tolerance analysis.

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Using state space (SS) analysis, the circuit dc, ac, and transient response can be obtained from the same initial analysis. However, conventional SS methods require an overwhelming amount algebra. These Word97 and M-files show an original shortcut method requiring only DC analysis.

The advantage of Spice simulation is that no circuit analysis algebra is required. The question might be asked then what purpose can be served by analysis techniques that minimize but do not eliminate equation writing? The pedagogical aspects aside, Spice software has a serious built-in error that causes ALL ac worst-case analyses to contain significant errors. (For an example, see file magdrvreva.doc.) Hence this method will provide a vehicle for correct tolerance analysis as well as an easy circuit analysis method when Spice is not available.

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Abdul Wahab

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Modified screenshot size.

To delete two obsolete files, G1.m, & pulsexfrmrds.doc, which have been replaced by rtd.m & xfrmrds.doc, which are included in original submission.

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