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Stacked plots display spectra with time or another parameter. Five methods are provided.



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Stacked plots are commonly seen in NMR spectroscopy. They often illustrate the evolution of spectra with time or some other parameter. There are several (somewhat equivalent) methods to produce such plots in Matlab. This function serves as a common interface to these various methods. Certainly some methods may be evoked directly, e.g. mesh, but some others are not as obvious, e.g. plot3. In addition a method (style 1) has been added that produces the traditional stacked plot format. This fucntion can be found inside the program as "splot".

The purpose of this program is to educate through sample code and to provide a unified interface to these various styles. Select the method you like best.

There did not seem to be available such a program in the file exchange and it took some experimentation and time to explore different Matlab commands. As a result it seemed beneficial to have a common interface to these commands. Please leave or send me comments as improvements are hastened by user feedback.

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Please show how to build the z matrix


GAURAV (view profile)

Let me know the way to build the z matrix for NMR array data.

Jacob Mohin

Great code. I'm having trouble getting my plot to have the correct x-axis (the "spectroscopic" axis by your documentation). Can you provide a bit more info about the proper way to build the z matrix?


Choi (view profile)




One bug pertaining to sytle selection has been fixed, errors in documetation, and axis labels can now be orientated in the reverse direction.


changed title in help file.

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