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wimax physical layer simulation

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Wimax physical layer simulation using mandatory channel coding.



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I am submitting wimax phy layer simulation file .
using ieee 802.16e OFDM air interface.
It is first version and likely to be revised very soon with other features. Please wait till that.

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sid ahmed

can u pls send me the description of this model. mon theme et simulateur sur logiciel MATLAB permit d’évaluer les performances des systèmes MIMO_COFDM (code avec code convolutive )
to mail

this code can not to change in Verilog HDL ,I have an error "The function 'convenc' is not supported for standalone code generation. See the documentation for coder.extrinsic to learn how you can use this function in simulation"

Taha Shlibek

I am not an expert with coding and MATLAB, please if you have any documentation on your work or explanation how it works i would be delighted to know..thank you so much.
this is my e-mail

hayet hayet

who could help me please to add channel estimation afetr pilot extraction

hayet hayet

hayet hayet

sooooooo gooood but I need to add MIMO in this code ?? thanx

zulhaj zubair

How to simulate PCD & DCF performance saperately?

zulhaj zubair

Amazing sooooo good.... :)

hello sir.. excuse me..first, i love your simulation cause this is can help me for my task

but, i don't know how did you get value of bit error rate?

and how did the script from data unrand and bit error rate calculation?

please your help sir. thank you before.. :) :)

kenza laftimi

Very good Work. Can I have some documentation + code of this implementation

Mani Afzal

Very good implementation.
Can i have documentation about it,if you have any?

putri Khalid

can you send me the documentations please? tq

Could you provide a simulation with multipath channels ?

Dahiru Sani

the material is good and very important i really know i will benefit from it. good


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