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Jan Simon (view profile)


09 Jun 2009 (Updated )

Overlapping elements of 2 cell strings. 10-20 times faster than INTERSECT/ISMEMBER/SETDIFF.

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Find overlap of 2 cell strings.
This can be used for a faster calculation of:

Comparison to Matlab's INTERSECT:
- Consider repeated strings (no internal UNIQUE)
- No sorting
- Can be insensitive for upper/lower case
- M-version as demonstration of the method
- MEX-version: 90% to 98% faster than INTERSECT

[AI, BI] = CStrAinBP(A, B, CaseSensitive)
  A, B: Cell strings.
  CaseSensitive: Optional string to trigger sensitivity for case.
  AI: Indices of common strings in A.
        Each occurence of repeated strings is considered.
        AI is sorted from low to high indices.
  BI: Indices of common strings in B.
        If B is not unique, the first occurrence of a string is used.
  such that A{AI} == B{BI}.

  [AI, BI] = CStrAinBP({'a', 'b', 'q', 'a'}, {'a', 'c', 'd', 'a', 'b'})
  replies: AI = [1, 2, 4] and: BI = [1, 5, 1]

  [AI, BI] = CStrAinBP({'a', 'b', 'A'}, {'a', 'c', 'a', 'B', 'b'}, 'i')
  replies: AI = [1, 2, 3] and: BI = [1, 4, 1]

  CStrAinBP.m: Proof of concept, demonstration.
  CStrAinBP.C: Fast MEX function.
  CStrAinBP.MEXW32: Compiled for Matlab 7 with LCC3.8.
                    Please recompile it with your favorite compiler.
  Matlab6/CStrAinBP.DLL: Compiled for Matlab 6 with BCC5.5.
                    For Matlab 6, replace the MEXW32 file by this DLL.
  TestCStrAinBP: Run the test after installation or compiling.

Tested: Matlab 6.5, 7.7, 7.8, Win2K/XP

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)
Other requirements Works under Matlab 6.5.1 also.
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Comments and Ratings (7)
30 Dec 2014 Jan Simon

Jan Simon (view profile)

@Hoi Wong:
AB = A(CStrAinBP(A,B));
For SETDIFF, UNION and SETXOR an equivalent tool CStrisAinB is more useful, which replies a logical vector. I'm going to publish it soon.

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25 Nov 2014 Hoi Wong

Hoi Wong (view profile)

25 Nov 2014 Hoi Wong

Hoi Wong (view profile)

Great tool. Can you suggest how to implement setops (intersect/setdiff/union/setxor) using CStrAinBP that has the same behavior as the native setops that does unique() without any major hit in performance?


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23 Aug 2012 Rodrigo Fernandes

hello Jan,

nice contribution. I have only a question: what if i want to compare a = {{'a'},{'b'},{'c'}} ; b = {{'a'},{'b'},{'c'}, {'d'}}


best wishes


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11 Apr 2012 Monchai Trakulpoochai

It's suited with my project! Great file!

22 Sep 2010 Brahim HAMADICHAREF

Excellent contribution, saving me a lot of time !

01 Jan 2010 Michael

Works well- thanks!

12 Sep 2009 1.1

- Sensitivity for case triggered by 3rd input.
- Don't crash for uninitialized cell elements.
- Cleaned doc.

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