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Submit MATLAB functions to a cluster

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Run MATLAB functions on a gridengine/torque/PBS cluster

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Using qsub_submit_cm, one can submit a MATLAB computation into a cluster. The inputs are passed on a shared network drive, and the outputs are collected there as well. Optionally, a callback can be executed on the submit host once computation has finished.

In, this code is optionally used to demonstrate how MATLAB handle objects, events and timers can be used to construct a scheduler that automatically resolves dependencies between computations.

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Jveer (view profile)

thanks for the reply. unfortunately i havent managed to get this to work on xgrid. it would've been superb for processing simulations.

Volkmar Glauche

Hi Jveer,
the MATLAB code should work on mac osx. However, you will need to modify qsub_submit_cm.m and qsub_check_finish.m. You will have to replace the qsub and qstat calls with their xgrid equivalents.
In qsub_submit_cm, you will have to replace the qsub command line call with the appropriate call to "xgrid ... -job submit ...", and in qsub_check_finish.m you would replace the qstat calls with "xgrid ... -job status ..." or something like this.
I do not have any experience with mac osx or xgrid, but it should be fairly straightforward to adapt these calls. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you get this code to run, it would be nice to let me know about the appropriate xgrid commands.


Jveer (view profile)

this might just be what i'm looking for! does this work on xgrid on mac osx server?



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