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m-code to LaTeX converter

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m-code to LaTeX converter



22 Jun 2009 (Updated )

This m-file (with GUI) converts m-code into a tex-file for including in a LaTeX-document.

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File Information

This file lets you very easy INCLUDE COLORED M-CODE in your LaTeX-file.

After you run this m-file "m2tex.m" and inlcude the output tex-file in your LaTeX document, you will experience NO DIFFERENCE IN THE APPEARANCE to the look of the m-code in the Matlab Editor. (except for the apostrophs)

There are SEVERAL WAYS TO EXECUTE the program.
1. Run the file by pressing F5 oder click the "Run" button in the Matlab Editor, while the m2tex.m file is open or type "m2tex" in the Command Window.
==> The program will open the GUI and the rest goes from there.
2. Call the program from the Command Window or another m-file with at least one option. The order of the options is not important. For example:

m2tex('testfile.m','testoutputfile.tex', 'no_num','bwc')

There are ONLY TWO STEPS necessary to do to include your code:
1. Run "m2tex.m" (with the desired m-file to include).
2. Insert the code into your main LaTeX-document by adding the whole "filename.tex"-file with \include{filename} or \input{filename}.

For Example:
\begin{singlespace} % only optional % you need \usepackage{setspace}
\input{outputfile} % output from "m2tex.m", but without the extension ".tex"
\end{singlespace} % for changing your linespacing

 - recognizes all keywords, strings and comments
 - recognizes all indents and tabs
 - recognizes cell titles
 - writes all recognized objects correct in a tex-file
 - uses original Matlab colors
 - the font looks almost the same as in Matlab Editor
 - tex-file is saved using fontencoding "UTF-8", so that German Umlauts will be written correct
 - option for numbered code lines ('num' or 'no_num')
 - recognizes a linebreak, but only with a leading space character, i.e. " ..." and only once in a line
 - option for input- and output-file (*.m respectively *.tex-file)
 - execution via GUI or command line
The conversion of the linebreak works only, if it is once in a line, because the command "regexprep" (code line: 1385) won't work, if you are looking for a string with three dots: '...'

--> If anyone knows why or a solution around the problem, please tell me! thx

MATLAB release MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
Other requirements LaTeX packages: - fancyvrb - color
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Comments and Ratings (11)
19 Sep 2016 Isaac Ajao

Very good

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28 Apr 2014 Julien Cretel

People interested in this submission may also want to have a look at my matlab-prettifier package:

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09 Apr 2013 kevin

kevin (view profile)

The package is generally excellent except that I got one problem: there will be one line missing when the m file included is longer than one page; it seems something is needed to handle the page break issue

19 Feb 2013 Pablo Ñañez

Awesome, really nice code!

02 Jun 2012 Ketan Tang

In newer versions of matlab, you can publish your code as html document, which can be perfectly imported into LaTeX

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16 Oct 2011 ole andersen

Thanks! a good time saver :D

24 May 2011 Kim Skatun

There is a bug if u use latex commands in labels,etc in plot..

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09 Aug 2009 Kristof

another problem that I've just encountered:
error(’The tag ’’%s’’ is not correct.’,boxtag);
% the ",box" is black while "tag);" is blue.

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09 Aug 2009 Kristof

Nice work, but I still have some problems with it:
1. The transpose is still considered a string in the following case:
% .*(comp2) and .*(comp4) are colored as strings.

2. When I use sprintf, then the everything after %s is colored as a string.
handles.(tag) = struct(...
’button’, eval(sprintf(’handles.%s’,tag)),...
’checkbox’, eval(sprintf(’handles.%s_check’,tag)),...
’time’, eval(sprintf(’handles.edit_%s_Time’,tag)),...
’initial’, eval(sprintf(’handles.edit_%s_Initial’,tag)),...
’final’, eval(sprintf(’handles.edit_%s_Final’,tag)),...
’gototag’, tag,...
’path’, path_steps_faults{i});

3. The gui doesn't seem to work. I don't know if anybody else had the same problem, but each button gives the same error:
>> m2tex
??? Error using ==> waitfor
Undefined function or method 'm2tex_gui_app' for input arguments of type 'struct'.

??? Error using ==> waitfor
Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback

I hope you can resolve these problems.

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30 Jul 2009 lenny

lenny (view profile)

Well done. Really good work. Thanx!

A single problem I have come across:
"if, then, else" only recognized when they are in separate lines. But I'm not so sure what was the problem in my case. I changed it from
if xx==1; do_this_fcn; else do_that_fcn; end
if xx==1
and it worked.

For future versions:
additional input options for 'inputfilename', 'outputfilename' (which would include the directory) and which would help to automatize your script updating routines in a latex based protocol.

21 Jul 2009 David Gingras

Very useful and it works at the first time! I got a small error with an equation with 2 transposes in the same line (e.g. : G=P*C'/(C*P*C'+R)). The parser has interpreted the code between both transposes (') as a string. But it's minor. Good job, thanks!

26 Jun 2009 1.1

 (just minor things updated and a photo of the output)
more will follow...

26 Jun 2009 1.2

recognizes now a linebreak, but only with a leading space character, i.e. " ..." and only once in a line

20 Jul 2009 1.3

Corrected a minor error in respect of one single "second word" string.
Added a question dialog window for the option of numbered lines, because I always forgot to activate it in the command line.

21 Jul 2009 1.4

Upgraded the distinction between strings, e.g 'xyz' and apostrophs for transpose purpose, e.g. G=P*C'/(C*P*C'+R).

30 Jul 2009 1.5

Corrected a minor error with respect to lines, which contain only space characters cause of a kindly tip from an user.

31 Jul 2009 1.6

"if else end" can be handled now in one line, which the program was already supposed to do.
The requested input options will follow later.

06 Aug 2009 1.7

I upgraded the input options for specifying a source and target file, for example (instead of only a filename, you can write there the whole path):

I have also added a GUI (my first one).

14 Aug 2009 1.8

I corrected all things in respect to the false strings.
But I couldn't solve the "waitfor" problem, there are now 2 m-files: the command-line tool and the GUI.
How do I put the two files together in one m-file?
Please let me to know.

29 Sep 2009 1.9

1. New option 'bwc' for code in black and white
2. The programm consists again only of one m-file

12 Sep 2012 1.10

Updated to include an App file for R2012b

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