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quiver2.m v1.2 (Nov 2009)

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quiver2.m v1.2 (Nov 2009)



30 Jun 2009 (Updated )

Same as QUIVER, QUIVER3 or FEATHER but with colored, normalized, widened and ARROW's!

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File Information

This program use QUIVER/QUIVER2 to generate a vector field specialized plot and then customizes the arrows according to its length.

Just type
>> quiver2(U,V)
and that's it. You get
- customized arrows
- NaNs ignored and
- real (U,V) angles with respect to your print/screen.

To use only 7 colors use
>> quiver2(U,V,'c=',jet(7))
or your own colormap if you have my CMAPPING
>> quiver2(U,V,'c=','rygb')

To not normalize the length and draw all lines with the same length use:
>> quiver2(U,V,'n=',0,'w=',1)

To customize the arrows download ARROW by Erik Johnson here at the FileExchange and use:
>> quiver2(U,V,'a@','fancy')

Of course x,y,z may be used, as well as U,V,W and the S,'filled' normal options of QUIVER, besides of others '=' and '@' options as well.

To use it as FEATHER use
>> quiver2(U,V,'t=','feather')
>> quiver2(x,[],U,V)

Recommended to download also my CMAPPING and TLABEL for better use of this function.

Enjoy it!
Bugs reports and comments will be very appreciated!


Arrow, Tlabel.M V2.6.1 (Sep 2009), and Colormap And Colorbar Utilities (Jul 2014) inspired this file.

This file inspired Quiverwcolorbar.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)
Other requirements * Download also ARROW.m by Erik Johnson * COLORMAP and COLORBAR utilities by Carlos Vargas * TLABEL.m by Carlos Vargas
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Comments and Ratings (3)
21 Aug 2014 Darien

Darien (view profile)

You are brilliant. Thank you very much for your hard work and masterful technique.

26 Jun 2012 Travis Miles

Great code, but I did have to go in and manually set the max and min values so I could set my own color scale, rather than using the auto feature. Is there a better way to do this?

04 Jul 2011 zkm

zkm (view profile)

very good!

23 Oct 2009 1.1

v1.1 Fixed bug with inputs check-in and an error message (thanks to Ayal Anis).

12 Nov 2009 1.2

v1.2 Fixed bug when used 0 in 'n=' thanks to Ayal Anis.

12 Nov 2009 1.4

Small typo on submit name.

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