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EditorMacro - assign a macro to a keyboard key-stroke in the Matlab Editor and Command Window

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EditorMacro - assign a macro to a keyboard key-stroke in the Matlab Editor and Command Window


Yair Altman (view profile)


01 Jul 2009 (Updated )

EditorMacro assigns a macro or action to requested key-binding in the Matlab Editor & Command Window

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File Information

     [bindingsList, actionsList] = EditorMacro(keystroke, macro, macroType)
     [bindingsList, actionsList] = EditorMacro(bindingsList)
     EditorMacro assigns the specified MACRO to the requested keyboard KEYSTROKE, within the context of the Matlab Editor and Command Window.
     KEYSTROKE is a string representation of the keyboard combination. Special modifiers (Alt, Ctrl or Control, Shift, Meta, AltGraph) are recognized and should be separated with a space, dash (-), plus (+) or comma (,). If KEYSTROKE was already defined, then it will be updated (overridden).
     MACRO should be in one of Matlab's standard callback formats: 'string', @FunctionHandle or {@FunctionHandle,arg1,...}, or any of several hundred built-in editor action-names - read MACROTYPE below for a full description. To remove a KEYSTROKE-MACRO definition, simply enter an empty MACRO ([], {} or '').
     MACROTYPE is an optional input argument specifying the type of action that MACRO is expected to do:
      - 'text' (=default value) indicates that if the MACRO is a:
         1. 'string': this string will be inserted as-is into the current
              editor caret position (or replace selected editor text).
              Multi-line strings can be set using embedded \n's.
         2. @FunctionHandle - the specified function will be invoked
              and is expected to return a string which will then be inserted
              into the editor document as expained above.
         3. {@FunctionHandle,arg1,...} - like #2, but the function will
              be called with the specified args.
      - 'run' indicates that MACRO should be invoked as a Matlab
              command, just like any regular Matlab callback. The
              accepted MACRO formats and function input args are
              exactly like for 'text' above, except that no output
              string is expected and no text insertion/replacement
              will be done, useful for non-textual actions.

              In addition, this MACROTYPE accepts all available
              (built-in) editor action names. Valid action names can
              be listed by requesting the ACTIONSLIST output arg.
     BINDINGSLIST = EditorMacro returns the list of currently-defined KEYSTROKE bindings as a 4-columned cell array:{keystroke,macro,type,class}. The class information indicates a built-in action ('editor menu action', 'editor native action', 'cmdwin native action' or 'cmdwin menu action') or a user-defined action ('text' or 'user-defined macro').
     BINDINGSLIST = EditorMacro(KEYSTROKE) returns the bindings list for the specified KEYSTROKE as a 4-columned cell array: {keystroke, macro, type, class}.
     BINDINGSLIST = EditorMacro(KEYSTROKE,MACRO) returns the bindings list after defining a specific KEYSTROKE-MACRO binding.
     EditorMacro(BINDINGSLIST) can be used to set a bunch of key bindings using a single command. BINDINGSLIST is the cell array returned from a previous invocation of EditorMacro, or by manual construction.

     [BINDINGSLIST, ACTIONSLIST] = EditorMacro(...) returns in ACTIONSLIST a 3-columned cell array of all available built-in actions and currently-associated key-biding(s): {actionName, keyBinding(s), class}.
Usage Examples:
     bindingsList = EditorMacro; % get list of current key-bindings
     bindingsList = EditorMacro('ctrl r'); % get list of bindings for <Ctrl>-R
     [bindings,actions] = EditorMacro; % get list of available built-in action-names
     EditorMacro('Ctrl Shift C', '%%% Main comment %%%\n% \n% \n% \n');
     EditorMacro('Alt-x', 'try\n % Main code here\ncatch\n % Exception handling here\nend');
     EditorMacro('Ctrl-Alt C', @myCallbackFunction); % myCallbackFunction returns a string to insert
     EditorMacro('Alt control t', @(a,b)datestr(now), 'text'); % insert current timestamp
     EditorMacro('Shift-Control d', {@computeDiameter,3.14159}, 'run');
     EditorMacro('Alt L', 'to-lower-case', 'run') % Built-in action: convert text to lowercase
     EditorMacro('ctrl D','open-selection','run') % Override default Command-Window action (=delete) to behave as in the Editor (=open selected file)
A few known limitations (=TODO for future versions) are listed within the file's help section.
Bugs and suggestions:
     EditorMacro was tested on Matlab 6.0 (R12) through 7.7(R2008b).

     Note: Unfortunately, my Matlab 6 computer crashed since the first version so I can no longer test EditorMacro on Matlab 6, so if you find problems please email me directly.

     Please send bugs to Yair Altman (altmany at gmail dot com)
     This code heavily relies on undocumented and unsupported
     Matlab functionality. It works on Matlab 6 & 7+, but use at
     your own risk!
A technical description of the implementation can be found at:


This file inspired Key Bindings Alter Matlab Editor Key Bindings, Intelligent Code Completion For Matlab, and Text Tools.

MATLAB release MATLAB 6.0 (R12)
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Comments and Ratings (23)
16 Aug 2016 Devin O

A fix for R2016a (possibly earlier?), at least for adding a macro, is to replace the function hEditorPane with the below:
function hEditorPane = getEditorPane(jDocPane)
if str2double(ver(1))==9
if isa(jDocPane,'com.mathworks.widgets.desk.DTDocumentTabs') %We picked the wrong document.
jSyntaxTextPaneView = getDescendent(jDocPane,[0,1,0,0,0,0,1,0,0]);
hEditorPane = handle(jSyntaxTextPaneView,'CallbackProperties');

% Matlab 7 TODO: good for ML 7.1-7.7: need to check other versions
jSyntaxTextPaneView = getDescendent(jDocPane,[0,0,1,0,0,0,0]);
if isa(jSyntaxTextPaneView,'com.mathworks.widgets.SyntaxTextPaneMultiView$1')
hEditorPane(1) = handle(getDescendent(jSyntaxTextPaneView.getComponent(1),[1,0,0]),'CallbackProperties');
hEditorPane(2) = handle(getDescendent(jSyntaxTextPaneView.getComponent(2),[1,0,0]),'CallbackProperties');
jEditorPane = getDescendent(jSyntaxTextPaneView,[1,0,0]);
hEditorPane = handle(jEditorPane,'CallbackProperties');
% Matlab 6
hEditorPane = getDescendent(jDocPane,[0,0,0,0]);
if isa(hEditorPane,'com.mathworks.mwt.MWButton') % edge case
hEditorPane = getDescendent(jDocPane,[0,1,0,0]);

I'm not certain about earlier releases, but one may try replacing the line.
if str2double(ver(1))==9
if str2double(ver(1))>7

Comment only
08 Mar 2015 Boris Capitanu

+1 for 2014b compatibility
Thank you!

Comment only
26 Nov 2014 Xavier

Xavier (view profile)

I've been considering moving over to an external editor for a while and just came across this tool, which seems to provide all the functionality I'm looking for... except it does not appear to be supported in 2014b.
Does anyone know of an alternative?

Comment only
27 Mar 2014 Thierry Dalon

On Windows the accelerators using meta or AltGraph seem not to work.

Comment only
30 May 2013 Yair Altman

Yair Altman (view profile)

@Jim - not anytime soon I'm afraid...

Comment only
30 May 2013 Jim Hokanson

Jim Hokanson (view profile)

Any plans to update this code to work with Matlab 8?

Comment only
21 Feb 2013 Thierry Dalon

EditorMacro('ctrl D','open-selection','run') as in example
throw an error with Matlab >=8.

15 Nov 2012 alessandro

it does what it promises, though too bad you can use this only when your cursor is on the editor and command window. I would have liked to assign a key shortcut to close all figures ("close all" command)

24 Feb 2012 Cesare

Cesare (view profile)

Btillian! Will you really release a version with Multi-keystroke bindings? That would be awsome!

10 Nov 2011 Yair Altman

Yair Altman (view profile)

@Nicolas - please contact me via email (altmany at gmail dot com) - I would be happy to show you how to do this, for a small fee to cover my time and expertise.

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10 Nov 2011 Nicolas

Great work,
is there a way to get access to the array whose name was highlighted?

eg. I want to be able to display the selected image:

function DisplayImage(hDocument,eventData)


Comment only
07 Jul 2011 Alejandro Arrizabalaga

Doesn't work for me.
Fails when try to get the properties from the com variable (which does not exist in my matlab 6.5.1, release 13)

Comment only
30 Mar 2010 David Gittins

Yair, possible workaround for the issue I mention. I commented out line 205:

% Also instrument the CW to catch user keystrokes
%set(jCmdWin, 'KeyPressedCallback', {@keyPressedCallback,jEditor,appdata,jCmdWin});

Now the tab-complete in the command window seems to work as normal, and I can still use the macros in the editor. I can't use the macros at the command window but that is fine for me because I only need them in the editor.

Maybe you could add an "editor only" option.


Comment only
30 Mar 2010 David Gittins

Yair, this is brilliant and exactly what I am looking for...

...but I can't use it! As soon as I bind any macros, tab completion for variables stops working in the command window. It just shows "No Completions Found". Tab-completion for files continues to work.

I think "Les" found the same issue:

I am running R2010a on CentOS.


Comment only
30 Mar 2010 David Gittins

06 Oct 2009 Andrey Pudeyev

Great work, just the very thing I missed in a matlab interface - a customizable macro.

Summarizing the examples of posted here, i propose the following solution for exception management:
function trycatch(hDocument,eventData)
% Get Selected text in current editor
selectedText = char(hDocument.getSelectedText);

modifiedText = ['try' char(13) selectedText char(13) 'catch' char(13) 'keyboard' char(13) 'end'];

% Update selection in current editor

This will allow quickly put the selected text block inside try-catch construction

Comment only
06 Oct 2009 Andrey Pudeyev

26 Aug 2009 Yair Altman

Yair Altman (view profile)

For those interested, a set of EditorMacro macro functions has been submitted by Perttu Ranta-aho. The submission is called "TextTools" and can be found here:

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22 Aug 2009 Ustun Ozgur

EditorMacro('Alt-x', 'try\n % Main code here\ncatch\n % Exception handling here\nend');

does not work in OS X with Matlab R2008b.

EditorMacro('Meta x', 'try\n % Main code here\ncatch\n % Exception handling here\nend');

works however.

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20 Jul 2009 Julien

Julien (view profile)

Excellent work indeed, thank you very much for sharing this very useful and powerful function.
For users which would be interested in modifying selected text and not inserting new text at caret position, you can use the jEditorPane methods "getSelectedText" and "replaceSelection".
For example, if you want to transform selected text in current editor to upper case characters, you can do as follow :
function Upper_Macro(hDocument,eventData)
% Get Selected text in current editor
selectedText = char(hDocument.getSelectedText);
if isempty(selectedText)
% Modify selected text to upper case character
modifiedText = upper(selectedText);
% Update selection in current editor
And simply run in the command window :
>>macros = EditorMacro('ctrl-u',@Upper_Macro,'run');
Thank you again Yair !

04 Jul 2009 Qun HAN

Qun HAN (view profile)


03 Jul 2009 Jackson Shen

I have tried again today. It "magically" works.
Yes, it does with with the Matlab R2008A.
I must say I love this feature.

02 Jul 2009 Jackson Shen

Exellent Work. It works with R2009A (Trial).
Brillian Features! (not for me at moment).
Unfornuately, it does not work with my R2008A.

19 Aug 2009 1.2

Many fixes; Automatically detect macro functions that do not accept the expected two input args; Support for native/menu actions (idea by Perttu Ranta-aho); Support for command-window actions; Use EDT for text replacement; Added screenshot

31 Jan 2011 1.3

Fixes for Matlab 6 through 7.12 (R2011a)

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