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Bland Altman Plot

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Plots a Bland Altman plot. You can control what is and what is not plotted through 'flag'.



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%%%Plots a Bland-Altman Plot
%%% var1 and var2 - vectors of the measurements
%%%flag - how much you want to plot
%%% 0 = no plot
%%% 1 = just the data
%%% 2 = data and the difference and CR lines
%%% 3 = above and a linear fit
%%% means = the means of the data
%%% diffs = the raw differences
%%% meanDiff = the mean difference
%%% CR = the 2SD confidence limits
%%% linfit = the paramters for the linear fit

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ervin (view profile)


Pete (view profile)

I think your calculation of the CR is off (standard deviation is usually corrected by N-1 when using the sample-population. Cf.


Andy (view profile)

Good! I need it.

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