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Aztec barcode reader

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Aztec barcode reader


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This program can read Aztec barcode from video or pictures. It is partial in Dutch

%Convert a Galois Field Array into a Decimal Array.
%The calling syntax is:
%		[DecOutput] = gf2dec(GFInput,m,prim_poly)
%   GFInput: gf Array input
%   m: integer between 1 and 16 used in GF(2^m) array
%   prim_poly: integer representation of the primitive polynomial used by GF
%   DecOutput: Decimal Array 
%Dr. Murad Qahwash
%DeVry University-Orlando, FL
%October 05, 2006
function [DecOutput] = gf2dec(GFInput,m,prim_poly)
GFInput = GFInput(:)';% force a row vector
GFRefArray = gf([0:(2^m)-1],m,prim_poly);
for i=1:length(GFInput)
    for k=0:(2^m)-1
        temp = isequal(GFInput(i),GFRefArray(k+1));
        if (temp==1)
            DecOutput(i) = k;

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