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VFM allows Matlab to access video source devices such as frame-grabbers boards and USB cameras.

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VFM allows Matlab to access video source devices such as frame-grabbers boards and USB cameras. Currently VFM has been implemented only for Microsoft Windows 95, 98 and NT. On these platforms, VFM uses Microsoft's Video for Windows driver model, to access video source devices on the system. Up to ten such devices can be present on the system, and accessed simultaneously. VFM provides functionality to connect to these devices to modify their properties, and to capture still image sequences in a format suitable for Matlab.

This package has been built for and tested on Matlab v5.

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Comments and Ratings (39)

Rohit Mishra

Nice program...!!!

Ravi Mishra

i am geting the following error can anyone help me out pls!!!!

Error:"vfm.dll is not a win32 valid app"
Thank you!!


rohit (view profile)

does not work with matlab 2008!

Wilmer Castillo


Windows XP SP 2 is installed in my computer. When I want to use the VFM command, The system opens a windows and this says: "vfm.dll is not a win32 valid app"

Can someone help me? Please!

charles Tac

Great job! Thank you so much

Venkata Potnuru

this matlab code was useful in Computer vision project.
I would like to know is this code can be used for PTZ cameras
so give reply to

xavi dominguez

please help me........i don´t know where to unzip the files (in which folders?)which ones (compiled or source)...i´m getting an error which says vfm.m not found.
I would really appreciate your colaboration..I`m using matlab 2007

Juan Rodriguez

Quisiera saber como insertar la ventana de reproducción a un entorno de GUI

Fadoua Fdiwa

Please help me,
Waiting for response.

Fadoua Fdiwa

hi, please i want to create an interface with guide matlab and i want to put the vfm viewer into my axe

Ashwini Sajjan

Hey...vfm is really helpfull!!!!! I am using it for my project "Face Recognition".
But I am finding one difficulty in using VFM!!!! After grabbing one image the web cam (Sys video for Matlab) should turn off/close.... So what is the function to close the camera?????? It would be great if i resolve that problem.. So if'll have any idea then please help me!!!! Waiting for response!!!!

Saurabh Gandhi

vfm has made life simpler.

peyman ra

I want to use of vfm
do I need vfm.dll?
if yes send it or it's adress to me

Ilyaz Nasrullah

Slow and buggy. YUCK

rodrigo roncancio

Alessandro Bellina

Great to know this exists! Problem though.. I find it very slow when capturing in a loop grab after grab... should I do this differently? I am trying to do some real-time DSP.

Philipp Kratzer

Hi all! It's really a cool tool!
But i have the same problem as Sylvain Chaminade. Does anyone here have an idea how we could solve that problem?

would be glad about an answer! :)
Thx guys!

William Smith

Looks like it is not working very well under matlab 7 R14 ? Anyone had trouble too ?

Sylvain Chaminade

excellent program! I use it for my researches! Really great except that I need 2 Webcams and I can't manage to switch from one to another automatically! Somebody know how I can do? Thanks.

philip jianto

it's very good pprogram ! i used it for my project....can i used it for firewire camera?? anybody can help me?? contact my email please....

Aloysius Jegan E.A.

Well and I need this type of projects very much. Thank You.

John Salik

Excellent work. The programming interface is simple, but clear. No difficulties in installing this application. Very useful for those studying computer vision. I highly recommend this utility. To the author: THANK YOU.

Yaser Yaser

Great Work!!

Alvin Santeriam

Thanks for this great project... I use it for my Matlab project and it works great.. I'll be sure to put your credits in my project...

Hossein Rezayi

Hi to all visual c++ programers
Thnaks a lot Mr. Pezeshkpoor due to this good project. I used it to communicate between my software and a CCD camera.
Best wishs

kh wong

I can now use this vfm to access usb camera inside matlab. However, I
don't know how to use it for a multiple webcam setup. The
camera source can be selected by the mouse but not matlab
commands, any insight into this matter?

Ruud Vinke

I have the same problem: i used borland c++ to compile, but apparantly some files are missing. Does anybody know what to do?

Hossein Rezayi

Has complied anyone this project? I think some files of this project were changes or removed.
I couldn't complie it with Microsoft Visual C++6.
If it is possible please inform me.

majid abdoli

shahram jahromi

Christopher Patscheck

This is a nice software package. However, driver issues with multiple sources of the same type cause stability issues to pop up. Also, the limitation of Win98 and Matlab v5 make this an undesirable package for future use.

juvas velho

How can I connect two or more cameras and select one of them.

henry rodriguez

como trabajar con los archivos vfm.
soy prinsipiante en este programa,cualquier ayuda me es muy importante

Amin Abdul-Fattah

It works fine

David Pais

Over Windows XP works so cool!!!. It's a great minitoolbox.

Michael Wunder

Pretty good,...
but unloading the dll seems odd.
>> clear all
causes Matlab to crash

Berthold Kaeferstein

Really cool stuff!
Even works under W2k with my Firewire camera!

Lou McNamee

THE VFM toolbox is an excellent tool for desktop image processing. The VFM toolbox provides simple access to any devices supported by the Video for Windows library (VFW.dll). I achived sampling rates up to 15 Hz for 640x480 RGB images. Note that Win32 platforms introduce signifcant jitter (~200 msec) when sampling images.

Tamara Tichomirova

Very usefull programm! Thank you!

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MATLAB 5.2 (R10)

Inspired: Image Aquisition

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