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Signature Preprocessing for signature verification

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The file includes code to pre process the handwritten signature before verification is done



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Use the "signature1.jpg" image to test the code. Any image of a handwritten signature can be used to test the code. The pause statement is used to stop the execution during important steps press any key to resume execution. The signature will be Rotated, thinned and bounded during execution

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Sheryar Baig

it is not comparing ??? can you plz explain how it will be !!

can any body help me in finding tchebichef feature extraction coding for signature verification...

Luis Flores

Hi Rahul. Please find here a link to a post that describes an off-line signature verification system done in MatLab. It is in spanish but you can translate the document and request the source code.

Hope this helps

rahul singh

from where i can get signature1.jpg

rahul singh

help me in giving ideas on how to extract characters or features of signatures


Dalal (view profile)

am looking for matlab codes helping to extract dynamic local features from a handwriting signature,, also applied in preprocessing matlab code
can any body help me ,, coz i have been googling everything,, and i need to accomplish something but nothing

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