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very simple mysql class file for working with mysql databases.



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In m file just change line
obj.dbconn = database('name', 'user', 'password');
using your own data.

In main program just do connection = mysql.

Result = connection.execute('statement') executes any mysql statement and obtains data, if any, in variable result.

connection.tableExists('tableName') is true/false based on existence of the tableName in Mysql database.

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Jozef (view profile)

You need to check, whether your mySQL server is up and running well
first outside MATLAB.
second you need to do this:

inside my file change 'name', 'user' and 'password'.

and then just conn = database; and then conn.execute('sql statement');


J. Hu

J. Hu (view profile)

I change obj.dbconn = database('name', 'user', 'password') using my own data; and then do

connection = mysql

but I got following message:

??? Error using ==> mysql>mysql.mysql at 15
Not possible to connect to MYSQL

Can you tell me what is wrong? Sorry I am new to connection to mySQL using matlab.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)
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Inspired: Database project of Attendence system

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