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Modeling Traffic Management on a Cisco Router

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Modeling Traffic Management on a Cisco Router



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Using Simlink Blocks I tried to model the below configuration used on a Cisco router for traffic management purposes

policy-map COS-OUT-S1/0.1
  class DSCP-OUT-D1
   bandwidth percent 50
   random-detect dscp-based
   random-detect dscp 26 39 117 20
   random-detect dscp 28 19 38 20
   service-policy COS-OUT-D1-S1/0.1
  class DSCP-OUT-D2
   bandwidth percent 25
   random-detect dscp-based
   random-detect dscp 18 61 122 20
   random-detect dscp 20 34 68 20
   service-policy COS-OUT-D2-S1/0.1
  class DSCP-OUT-D3
   bandwidth percent 25
   random-detect dscp-based
   random-detect dscp 10 78 156 20
   random-detect dscp 12 51 102 20
   service-policy COS-OUT-D3-S1/0.1

Below are the actions taken to build and verify the model :
   1- Investigated in details all counters of the router (related to traffic) deducing in which way they are correlated to each other
   2- Translated every line in the configuration into a block
   3- I have set the parameters of my model and of a router simulated with Dynamips to the same values and exposed them to same traffic rate for the same period of time and compared the results

Note : 1 - Attached with the MDL file a detailed presentation of my work
          2 - If there were any abnormal behaviour while simulating the model , make sure that there is no
              unconnected connection , As I faced this problem multiple times

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wust (view profile)

I want to learn more. Could you upload the source code? Thanks.

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