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Intersect several arrays

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Uses Matlab standard intersect function recursively to return the intersection of several arrays.

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function [varargout] = intersect_several (varargin)
% function [varargout] = intersect_several (varargin)
% varargout{1} is the intersect vector
% varargout{i>1} are the indices of the various varargin (in their order)

numarr = length(varargin);
intersect_arr = varargin{1};
for i=1:numarr
        intersect_arr= intersect(intersect_arr,varargin{i});
varargout{1} = intersect_arr;
for i=1:numarr
        [intersect_arr, temp,varargout{i+1}]= intersect(intersect_arr,varargin{i});

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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)

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