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Illumumination Compensation in RGB space

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This code executes adaptive lighting compensation.



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This is a two stage method in which at first image RGB compensated and then converted to YCbCr to normalise overall illumination of image.Its cascaded implementation of section 2.A of paper "A FAST SKIN REGION DETECTOR" by Phil Chen, Dr.Christos Greecos, 'ESC Division Research 2005,and section 2.1 of paper "Simple and Accurate Color Face Detection Algorithm in Complex Background" by YUI TING PAI et al.'ICME 2006'. Please go through those papers for more details.

Implementing this code is simple

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Aj_ti (view profile)


m1k3l (view profile)

@haoxiang, comment line 19 and 23.
and yes indeed it is the same file as adaptive illumination compensation.
It does get skin color well, so beware not to have objects with similar color!


Its awesome! but in my case, there is a error when running, ??? Undefined function or variable "minR".
Please check it out


Can you send the paper "A FAST SKIN REGION DETECTOR"? I have searched in the web, but it isnt available.
Thanks for your help.

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