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func2func.m v1.0 (Jul 2009)

Updates anonymous function workspace. Workaround of STR2FUNC(FUNC2STR(f)) problem.



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Since MATLAB v7 we can use the new anonymous functionality to create small functions like:

>> A = 7;
>> F = @(x) A*x;
to get a simple multiplication by 7:
>> F(2)
ans =

But, if you change the A value, it is not updated on the F workspace:
>> A = 8;
>> F(2)
ans =

This is sometimes undesirable, and we guess that by using
>> G = str2func(func2str(F));
we fix this problem but then we get a warning
>> G(2)
??? Undefined function or method '@(x)A*x' for input
arguments of type 'double'.

So, one is forced to use the EVAL function. This FUNC2FUNC function uses EVAL and EVALIN to solve this problem, and the user can even specify the workspace to be used: 'base' or 'caller' or directly the function F workspace like:
>> clear A
>> F = func2func(F,'A',8);
>> F(2)
ans =

Besides it can be used to transform any array, cell, structure of functions names or handles into "updated" function handles.

Enjoy it!

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MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)

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