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Three VC++ MEX projects enabling simple access to any VfW-source (with multiple cam support).



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(1) Actualized VFM project
=> Video for Matlab, solution using direct VfW access

=> solution using OpenCV grabbing routines (potentially plattform independent)

=> solution using VideoInput library routines (directshow)

Contains mex projects for Matlab R14 and 2007b. Please check contents of README_2009.txt inside archive file.

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Mohd Aquib


Ivan Sojic

Hello Eric,
first of all, thank you for this script.

I wanted to know if it is possible to access and modify (directly in Matlab and not through the configuration display window) the characteristics of the webcam I use (Maxxtro webcam 1.3) ?

Do you have any clue of how to do that ?

Thank you by advance for your response. Have a nice day.


Eric (view profile)

Some hints for Visual Studio 2008 Express & R2009a:

(1) It's not necessary to install SDK 2003 (exept of VfM-project).

(2) It seems to be necessary to modify the configuration options (C++=>output-files=>object file name & =>browse file) from "$(IntDir)/" to "$(IntDir)\"

(3) The generate manifest option should be enabled in all configurations.

(4) It seems to be useful to install also VC++ 2008 redistributable package.

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