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Mixing / Combining 2 Images (Image Fusion)

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This program fuses/combines/mixes 2 images It supports both Gray & Color Images

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This program fuses/combines/mixes 2 images
It supports both Gray & Color Images
In the program, Alpha Factor can be varied to vary the proportion of mixing of each image.
With Alpha Factor = 0.5, the two images are mixed equally.
With Alpha Facotr < 0.5, the contribution of background image will be more.
With Alpha Facotr > 0.5, the contribution of foreground image will be more.

Comments and Ratings (14)

Elysi Cochin

what to do if i want to view upper half of image 1 and lower half of image 2 as image 3, i.e. combine upper half of image1 and lower half of image2 as image 3.... i think u got me..... please help me......


antony (view profile)

is it PCA based image fusion?i want to fuse the images beased on its color based segmentation..anyone please send me the code or link please


ihec (view profile)

how fade to move from one image to another

Thank you for sharing the codes.
I would like to ask, is it possible to apply fusion into converted image in program.

Satvir Kaur

suraj raj

can you explain fusion by PRI(Probabilistic Rand Index)

Sean de

Sean de (view profile)

Main.m is a malware driver script but fuseimages.m itself does exactly what it claims to.

Matteo Niccoli

Have to agree with Tim. I'd give it a 4 if the author called the submission a demo.


Athi (view profile)

Dear us, Joh D'Errico
1. Main.m file is to help the new matlab programmers for the
usage of the FuseImages.m, You dont worry about clearing the
work space. If you feel so, use only the FuseImages.m
2. In what way the comment is missing. Please let me know. So
that I can update the file version.
3. Getting choice of input is a simple thing with uigetfile.

Please let me know your valuable comments. So as to make the code fulfil all the levels of matlab programmers' requirements.


creek (view profile)

Just to condemn the 1-star gang at matlab, I downloaded and looked through the files. I give a 5star to this. Fantastic brilliant work, mate, keep it up.


Tim (view profile)

Is it written somewhere that the FE is only for polished, fully operational, generalizable, help-laden functions ? If it is (is it ?), I would find that unnecessarily limiting. If I am not sure how to do something, and an explicit example such as this shows me how, then I am better off than I would be without such a submission. So I am appreciative and likely to rate accordingly. The fact that real example data is provided - even if hard-coded - is a plus in my mind.
If there is a better way of doing this operation, then let's hear it.

John D'Errico

John D'Errico (view profile)

Beyond what us mentions, this only does a trivial linear combination of the two images. The images that it works on are fixed, hard coded file names. This is a terrible interface.

No help. No error checks. Christopher is a bit infatuated with this author.


us (view profile)

how can this earn 5 stars(?)...
a script that clears the workspace without asking, no help, no explanation, no comment, no choice of input...





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MATLAB 6.5 (R13)

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