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Conic Plotter

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Plots conics given as implicit functions



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This is my second submission.
This gui plots up to 3 implicit functions F(x,y). The left-hand side generates random integers for A,B, and C then the user is expected to determine the type of the conic. The program checks the answer and displays true or false.
Additionally the user may want to type in his/her own coefficients, that is allowed as well.
Degenerate cases: There is a m-file attached which should be run before using this GUI, because it doesn't calculate degenerate cases. The reason was simply logistical, no place was left on the panel for other coefficients.

Please contact me if you are interested in using this in your classroom, I may be interested in an educational research on its effectiveness.

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James (view profile)

V. Good,

Please send me an email directly so we may discuss this situation further.

Thank you.


Anon (view profile)

"I decided to write a review about FEX @Matlab" [... and ...] "start submitting it to every review journal/magazine on the Internet"

Do it, if you have the time. But I suggest you better use your valuable time to explore the FEX. There are great utilities around here, you'll find awesome software and kind people always willing to help. You will see people with a lot of experience, whose ratings you can rely on. And you will see that there is a huge amount of useless and flawed software. In my opinion it is not easy to filter the good things out. That's why I am happy with the rating system and grateful to the experts that take the time to give (imo) fair ratings.

You didn't have a very good start here. You rated your own file with five stars which is condemned here.


Ripley (view profile)

Very poor programming.

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