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Plot earth

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Plot earth


Bruno Luong (view profile)


17 Aug 2009 (Updated )

Plot earth in 3D

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File Information

Plot earth in 3D sphere
Several maps and resolutions are available
More comprehensive map collection is available at


Cubed Sphere inspired this file.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)
Other requirements Use submission 25027 (cubed-sphere source included here)
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Comments and Ratings (5)
20 Jan 2012 S K

S K (view profile)

This is a nice work. Is it possible to add a tiltle to the plot. Please let me know.

16 Oct 2011 Joshua Carmichael

A nice utility. However, there are few bugs with the plot2dmap options. The field name is accidentally called plot2Dmap after the "lower" function is used, and hence a field value other than false for plot2dmap can never be implemented.

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23 Jun 2011 Joachim

30 Dec 2010 leila

leila (view profile)

22 Aug 2009 Pan Xianjun

17 Aug 2009 1.1

Bug corrected (occurs for large samplestep)
Few minor memory enhancement

18 Aug 2009 1.2

better use of memory,
correct BUG for color-indexing,
add 'NColors' property,
indexing color is now default option,
small gaps between cube-faces are now removed

19 Aug 2009 1.3

Now can plot NEO maps

19 Aug 2009 1.4

Correct bug of overflow colormap when process original png file

20 Aug 2009 1.6

Read tiff/jpg maps
Spheroid shape
See also new description

18 Oct 2011 1.8

Fix the Plot2dMap lowercase bug

14 Jul 2014 1.9

Fix casting issue (change behavior of sub2ind in recent MATLAB)

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