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Automated Failure Boundary Mapping

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Demo files from July 21, 2009 webinar



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Describes development of a failure boundary mapping algorithm and application to a Airfoil Flutter model.
Demo files from July 21, 2009 webinar "Using Statistics and Optimization to Support Design Activities"
Development of the failure boundary mapping algoirthm using MATLAB and Statistics Toolbox (Clustering) is described in boundaryMapping.m. The algorithm is capable of detecting and mapping failure regions that are disconnected (multiple failure regions).

Application of the algorithm is applied to a Simulink model of flutter, orginially developed by Cole Stephens:

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Yo might want to try continuation methods. You can detect the instability directly and trace the boundaries directly. I guess your aim was to demonstrate how you can use different toolboxes together.


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MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)

Inspired by: Flutter Analysis Model

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