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Fermi Level

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Fermi Level positioning in Si, Ge, and GaAs as a function of temperature and impurity concentrations



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This m-file gives information about some of the semiconductor fundamentals namely, the Fermi-Dirac Integral, Energy Bandgap vs. Temperature, Intrinsic Carrier Density, and Fermi Level position in Si, Ge, and GaAs as a function of temperature and doping concentration (In these figures, the dependence of the Bandgap and Fermi intrinsic level on temperature is also shown).
For the calculation of the Fermi level, the charge neutrality equation is solved numerically assuming Fermi-Dirac statistics instead of Maxwell-Boltzmann statistics. For the foregoing reason, the program can be used to calculate the Fermi Level position either for nondegenerate or degenerate semiconductors.
It is posible to change the doping concentration to a specific value in Fermi_Level.m (line 9).
Ref 1: Solid State Electronics, 25, 1067 (1982)
Ref 2: Semiconductor Physical Electronics, Sheng S. Li. pp 89
Ref 3: Physica Status Solidi(b) vol. 188, 1995, pp 635-644
Semiconductor Physical Electronics
Second Edition. Springer
Sheng S. Li
Advanced Semiconductor Fundamentals
Second Edition. Prentice Hall
Robert F. Pierret


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first thanks for this great job. actually, i wanted to ask if I can use for nitride semiconductors like GaN and heterostructures? please let me know if there is something, which can be modified for same. once again for this job.


Pat (view profile)

First this is a fantastic piece of coding. I learned a lot just looking at the code an figuring out how it was running. Second, anyone downloading this code should immediately download Ref. 1 by J.S. Blakemore, and if you're really serious you should by the book "Semiconductor Statistics" by Blakemore as well.
Technical Nitpicking:
In the charge neutraility equation I believe that the degeneracy factor should be 1/gD rather than just gD, agree?
Also, the ND should be ND[1-F(E)] rather than just ND*F(E), agree?
Finally, thank you very much Ernesto. Nice Work!!


Pat (view profile)


Eugene (view profile)

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