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Isolated Words Speech Recognition

version 1.0 (2.7 KB) by

Basic program to recognize a word based on the analysis of its energy.



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Use voc.m to launch the script;
option 1 allows to record a word
option 6 launches a 3 seconds recognition
(or use reco.m to launch a single word recognition)

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FMEE (view profile)

Pawan Behera

??? Undefined command/function 'findpeaks'.

Error in ==> reco at 27

Error in ==> voc at 173

Please Help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rajen (view profile)

Thanks Mario your suggestion helped to an extent.
Friends I am getting following error :
??? Undefined command/function 'findpeaks'.

Error in ==> voc at 37

Can anyone help me out is "findpeak" inbuilt function present in matlab runtime environment or I need to download this file and save it in my source file directory. Thanks.

Mario Castro

global mots sons0;
t=1; %include this
Fe=5000; %8000;

Mario Castro

with the google translator can translate from French to English ... for me translated them into Spanish is my native language

For the variable t, should be included in the file global variables in this file ... t is the time it takes to record audio

Ufuk Dogan

I have confronted with the same matter. Can you help please ?

??? Undefined function or variable 't'.

Error in ==> reco at 5

i have this error why?


The recognition ist bad, why? How can I improve the algorithm?

Yuri K

Yuri K (view profile)

Would you convert all text/comments in the m-files to English please?

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