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ECRobotInstaller – Simplified installation of tools for Embedded Coder Robot

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ECRobotInstaller – Simplified installation of tools for Embedded Coder Robot



02 Sep 2009 (Updated )

Simplifies the installation of ECRobot, a Simulink platform for LEGO Mindstorms NXT code generation

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"Embedded Coder Robot" (ECRobot) is a Simulink-based modeling and code-generation environment for the LEGO Mindstorms NXT. Generating code with ECRobot requires several products, such as Cygwin (TM), GNU ARM (TM) Compiler, and the LEGO Mindstorms (TM) NXT driver.

ECRobotInstaller simplifies the download and install of ECRobot and all the associated tools. It essentially consists of three MATLAB files:
* a script that downloads all the components (download_ecrobot_tools.m)
* a script that configures and installs the components (install_ecrobot_tools.m)
* A GUI that walks the user through updating the firmware on the LEGO NXT (update_nxt_firmware.m)
For more information, see README.pdf.

ECRobotInstaller (ver 1.38) has been tested with (and requires) ECRobot ver 4.00. Note:
* ECRobot requires Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
* ECRobot requires 32-bit MATLAB (it is possible to install 32-bit MATLAB on a 64-bit platform; see link below).

NOTE: In R2012a, support for LEGO Mindstorms NXT is included with base Simulink (no additional products are required). It also includes a GUI for automated download and installation of all the third-party software. For more information, see:

Related URLs:
* FileExchange entry for Embedded Coder Robot:
* Installing 32-bit MATLAB on a 64-bit Windows machine:


Embedded Coder Robot Nxt Demo inspired this file.

This file inspired Vu Lego Real Time Target.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)
Other requirements ECRobotInstaller works on Windows platforms. Running ECRobot requires additional products; see ECRobot FileExchange entry for details.
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18 Jun 2014 Christian

Did anybody figure out how to solve this problem with make? I think my 64-Bit Windows 7 might be a problem...
I'm using MATLAB R2014a, 32 Bit.

### Executing GNU-ARM toolchain for building executable ...
Compiling /cygdrive/C/Users/LaborPC/Documents/MATLAB/ecrobotNXT/environment/nxtOSEK/toppers_osek/kernel/alarm.c to alarm.o
/bin/sh: '/cygdrive/E/Programme/cygwin/GNUARM'/bin/arm-none-eabi-gcc: No such file or directory
/cygdrive/C/Users/LaborPC/Documents/MATLAB/ecrobotNXT/environment/nxtOSEK/ecrobot/tool_gcc.mak:108: recipe for target 'build/kernel/alarm.o' failed
make: *** [build/kernel/alarm.o] Error 127

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27 May 2012 edalatfar

I have problem regarding installing this software.
how I can solve the following error :

Cygwin/bin path or make version (must be 3.8.1) might be wrong.

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10 May 2011 Didem

Didem (view profile)

I still receive error messages:
================ 10-May-2011 20:02:52 Configuring ECRobot
ECRobot version 3.17 or later detected
### Start verifying Embedded Coder Robot NXT installations...
### Verifying cygwin make 3.81: OK
Problem with automatic configuration of ECRobot

Install cancelled
??? Error using ==> ecrobotnxtsetup>PromptBasedSetUp at 188
ERROR: GNUARM path or version (must be 4.0.2) might be wrong.

Error in ==> ecrobotnxtsetup>PromptBasedSetUp at 188
error('ERROR: GNUARM path or version (must be 4.0.2) might be

Error in ==> ecrobotnxtsetup at 60
[cygwin_bin_dir, gnuarm_root_dir, nexttool_root_dir] = ...

Error in ==> install_ecrobot_tools>configure_ecrobot at 420
ecrobotnxtsetup(cygwin_bin_dir, gnuarm_dir, nexttool_dir);

Error in ==> install_ecrobot_tools at 75

and when I try to run test is gives error:
Error executing callback 'ClickFcn'
Error using ==> nxtbuild at 121
ecrobotnxtsetupinfo.m does not exist in environment directory. Execute ecrobotnxtsetup.m to specify necessity information.

I executed ecrobotnxtsetup.m and then I receive message:
>> ecrobotnxtsetup
### Start verifying Embedded Coder Robot NXT installations...
### cygwin/bin path: C:/cygwin/bin
### Verifying cygwin make 3.81: OK
### GNUARM path: C:/LegoMindstorms/GNU_ARM_Compiler/bin
??? Error using ==> ecrobotnxtsetup>GuiBasedSetUp at 139
ERROR: GNUARM path or version (must be 4.0.2) might be wrong.

Error in ==> ecrobotnxtsetup at 52
[cygwin_bin_dir, gnuarm_root_dir, nexttool_root_dir] = ...

There was a warning, may be it has some connections:================ 10-May-2011 19:58:25 Starting NXT OSEK installation
zip file = C:\ecrobot_installer_v1_37\ECRobotDownloads\
install dir = c:\LegoMindstorms\ECRobot\\ecrobotNXT\environment\ Warning: Permission denied to create file "c:\LegoMindstorms\ECRobot\\ecrobotNXT\environment\nxtOSEK\samples_c++\cc\sprite_devl\sprite.suo".
> In iofun\private\extractArchive>extractArchiveEntry at 108
In iofun\private\extractArchive at 52
In unzip at 98
In install_ecrobot_tools>do_unzip at 448
In install_ecrobot_tools>install_nxtosek at 351
In install_ecrobot_tools at 69
Unzipped 1989 files

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10 May 2011 Didem

Didem (view profile)


I am getting GNU ARM compiler and Cywing base packets errors. I checked above suggestions but didn't work...

I run CHECK_ECROBOT_TOOLS and it shows this two problem. Can you please help!?

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26 Feb 2011 Bogdan

Bogdan (view profile)

I'm getting this error after I followed the advice you gave to Sergio and changed the line that initializes config.GnuTools_URL

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26 Feb 2011 Bogdan

Bogdan (view profile)

I forgot to paste the error message. This is just the first line.

/bin/sh: -c: line 0: syntax error near unexpected token `('

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07 Jan 2011 Gautam Vallabha

The latest ECRobot Installer (v 1.37), submitted on Jan 5 2011, addresses the above GNUARM cygintl-3.dll error.

It also has an updated URL for nxtOSEK (there were some sourceforge changes that make the old url return an invalid file, which caused an error during installation).

Note: if you are using ECRobot 3.18 with 64-bit MATLAB, you will run into a problem since ECRobot 3.18 does not include 64-bit mex files for the blocks. There are two workarounds:
1) Run 32-bit MATLAB on your 64-bit machine, or
2) Get a free supported 64-bit compiler (like Visual Studio 2008 Express) and compile the s-functions. Here is the list of supported compilers:

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19 Nov 2010 Gautam Vallabha

Sergio: ECRobotInstaller ver 1.36 seems to point to an old version of GNU ARM compiler. I will update the FileExchange entry, but in the meantime, try the following:

1) Edit ecrobot_install_config.m

2) find the line that says:
config.GnuTools_URL = '';

3) Change that line to:
config.GnuTools_URL = '';

4) Uninstall GNU ARM, and also delete the GNU ARM installer (the .exe file) from the archive directory. You can find the install & archive directories by typing "ecrobot_install_config" at the MATLAB command prompt.

5) Re-run download_ecrobot_tools and install_ecrobot_tools

Thanks to Harald Kroll for identifying the problem.

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09 Nov 2010 Sergio

Sergio (view profile)

Hi ive been trying to use the installer, i have tried in different computers, different OS and i get the same error with the Gnu Arm when i run the instaler it says it downloaded correctly but when i try to run the ('TestMotor_app,'build')
inside the testmotorOSEK the folowing appears onscreen ### Executing GNU-ARM toolchain for building executable ...
Compiling /cygdrive/c/LegoMindstorms/ECRobot/ecrobotNXT/environment/nxtOSEK/toppers_osek/kernel/alarm.c to alarm.o
/cygdrive/c/LegoMindstorms/GNU_ARM_Compiler/bin/arm-elf-gcc.exe: error while loading shared libraries: cygintl-3.dll: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
make: *** [build/kernel/alarm.o] Error 127

any help would be aprreciated i have tried downlaod gnu arm manually but stills ame problem

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18 Oct 2010 Evgeni

Evgeni (view profile)

Thank You so much. It also works great on Windows 7, junst need to start MATLAB as 'admin'

21 May 2010 Elton

Elton (view profile)

Cygwin downloading setup is ok but no package is downloaded. I´ll try manual installation. Thanks

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20 May 2010 MathWorks Classroom Resources Team

Elton, Try specifying a different cygwin url. (In README.pdf, see "Cygwin is not downloading/installing properly" in the "Common Questions" section).

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19 May 2010 Elton

Elton (view profile)

matlab 2010a

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19 May 2010 Elton

Elton (view profile)

Hi, thank you for your hard work and support but i receive :

Cygwin: Downloading base package ... (~ 18 MB)
Unable to download Cygwin base package

why is this happening?

27 Apr 2010 alin

alin (view profile)

14 Dec 2009 1.1

Version 1.2 (Dec-14-2009): Fixed a couple of minor bugs in update_nxt_firmware.m and check_ecrobot_tools.m

05 Apr 2010 1.2

Version 1.3:
* Works with ECRobot 3.18
* Works with Cygwin setup.exe ver 2.693
* Tested with R2009b

05 Apr 2010 1.4

Updated the description

08 Apr 2010 1.5

Uploaded correct file (

26 May 2010 1.6

ECRobotInstaller ver 1.36: Fixed minor bugs, and added information on how to use the installer with a proxy server (thanks to Marcos Gallego for reporting this problem).

05 Jan 2011 1.8

* Fix for GNUARM libintl3.dll error
* Updated nxtOSEK URL
* Updated FAQ in README.pdf
* Verified toolchain on 64-bit Win7 with R2010a and R2010b (running 32-bit MATLAB)

30 Nov 2011 1.9

* Ver 1.38 - updated to work with ECRobot 4.0 (in particular, downloads nxtOSEK ver 2.14).

08 Dec 2011 1.10

ver 1.381 - ECRobotInstaller patches ecrobotnextsetup so that it allows GNU make 3.82 in addition to make 3.81

01 Mar 2012 1.11

Updated description

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