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Nested function, graphical user interface (GUI) and GUIDE tool



05 Sep 2009 (Updated )

Nested function helps tuning 2-nd order oscilator: d2x/dt2 + beta*x + x = 0 with interactive GUI.

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This is an example from new book "MATLAB and Simulink" by Bogumila and Zbigniew Mrozek. A problem was how to provide additional parameter "beta" to ODE23 solver, as it uses user supplied function xdot=mech_ode(t,x) with two input parameters.
 In "oscillator.m" , a nested functions was used to provide actual value of "beta" parameter into function xdot=mech_ode(t,x). Global variables are not used here.
See also: "APP based on nested function, graphical user interface (GUI)
and GUIDE tool" by Zbigniew MROZEK. It is an example showing how to use this example to prepare an APP (MATLAB application) using MATLAB 2012a or higher.


This file inspired App For Interactive Diagrams Of Oscilator. Nested Function And Gui Is Used.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)
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08 Sep 2009 1.1

minor changes in Summary and Description

02 Oct 2012 1.7

Description was improved

04 Sep 2013 1.8

Information that this contribution was used to prepare new submission "APP based on nested function, graphical user interface (GUI) and GUIDE tool" to the File Exchange

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