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Distortionless Data Hiding Based on Integer Wavelet Transform

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Lossless data hiding using Integer Wavelet transform by Guorong Xuan. (Reversible Watermarking)



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The code implements the following paper:

Guorong Xuan, Jiang Zhu, Jidong Chen, Shi Y.Q., Zhicheng Ni, Wei Su, "Distortionless data hiding based on integer wavelet transform" IET Electronics Letters, Volume: 38, Issue 25, page 1646- 1648, December 2002. (ISSN: 0013-5194)

The watermark embedding and extraction modules have been implemented separately.

The watermark embedding module embeds the watermark using bitplane compression in the integer wavelet transform domain.

The watermark extraction module extracts the previously embedded watermark and restores the original image.

A logo image is used as a watermark but can be replaced with any thing.

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Is the cdf 2.2 filter used here is the same as the one used for JPEG 2000 for lossless compression

uthara ravi

i m using a 2013a version matlab. when i run the code error displayed as 'isrgb has been removed '. what to do? any help?


poo (view profile)

After adding noise to whole image,i am getting following errors
>The symbol counts parameter must be a vector of positive finite integers.
>CH5 = arithdeco(seq11,count1,size(CH,1)*size(CH,2));


Asad Ali

Asad Ali (view profile)

In order to extract watermark after some distortion has taken place you have to use some error correcting codes such as BCH encoding. The watermark will first be BCH encoded and then embedded into the image. So at a later time while extracting after addition of noise the error correcting codes will compensate for the errors and recover the correct watermark. Check the matlab function "bchenc".


poo (view profile)

Watermark can't extracted from distorted watermark (eg distorted by speckle noise) any help?

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