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Coherent QPSK simulation and BER vs. SNR curve

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BER performance for QPSK over additive white Gaussian noise channel is estimated and plotted.



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This program performs a Monte Carlo simulation of a coherent QPSK communication system and plot the error probability performance over additive whit Gaussian noise channel. The detection is based on correlation metric. Simulation is performed for 10,000 bits and measurements are made accordingly.

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ngo hoanganh

Hi, we only need to change from "Qfunc" to "qfunc" to fix this.


syaza (view profile)

hi sanjeet, i cant run your QPSK simulation file, there is an error in this line theorerrprb(i)=theorerrprb(i)+Qfunc(sqrt(2*SNR))

perhaps do you know why? thx...

hi nice

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MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)
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