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Morse Code Practice System

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Morse Code Practice System


James Willmann (view profile)


27 Sep 2009 (Updated )

GUI allows the operator to send the Morse Code of the alphabet, a text string or from the keyboard.

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File Information

In addition to the program file there is a text file CodeGroups.txt that has some code groups that can be sent. The three documents MorseCodePlayer.pdf, .htm, .docx are just three different versions of the help file.

The code speed(rate of dots and dashes), word speed(period between words) and audio frequency of transmitted dots and dashes can be adjusted. The word speed is restricted to be equal or less than the code speed. The code and word speed can be adjusted either by the sliders or by entering values in the respective text fields.

            When transmitting either a text file or the alphabet there is a stop transmission button to allow the operator to terminate the transmission.

            When transmitting a file the user must first, using the "Select TextFile" from the menu bar, select a file to be transmitted. The transmission will stop when the end of the file is reached. All text in the file is converted to upper case as it is being used. Also, whenever there is more than one space in a row, the extras are removed.

            When the Transmit Keyboard is selected a small modal window opens and retains focus until the transmission is ended. The transmission is ended by pressing the escape key. The inputted text is buffered and transmitted at the selected rates. When entering the text from the keyboard, pressing the backspace key will delete the last character entered from the input buffer. After the input text is complete and escape has been pressed, the operator can stop the transmission using the Stop Transmission button.

From the menu bar selecting "Code Table" will display the code table built into the program. There are 60 entries in the table with the last being a word space.

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.2 (R2013b)
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Comments and Ratings (3)
19 Nov 2012 David Smith

Doesn't work on Mac.

31 Jul 2012 Sean de Wolski

Nice job!

Enhancement idea: Also have a visual display (uicontrol background changing colors or similar).

15 Aug 2010 Isaac

Isaac (view profile)

26 Jul 2012 1.2


12 Sep 2012 1.3

Updated to include an App file for R2012b

21 Jan 2014 1.4

Updated MorseCode.m to use audioplayer in place of waveplay. All other files are the same.

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