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Image Edge Enhancing Coherence Filter Toolbox

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Image Edge Enhancing Coherence Filter Toolbox


Dirk-Jan Kroon (view profile)


30 Sep 2009 (Updated )

Advanced 2D/3D noise removal and edge enhancing with anisotropic diffusion filtering ( Weickert )

% This function CoherenceFilterStep3D is a MEX file which performs one 
% Anisotropic Diffusion  step on 3D image volume, and is an extention of
% Weickerts 2D Rotation invariant diffusion scheme, and 2D diffusion equation. 
% This mex file only uses CoherenceFilterStep3D.c and CoherenceFilterStep3D_functions.c
% Iout = CoherenceFilterStep2D(Iin, Options)
% inputs,
%   Iin : 3D image with datatype single
%   Options : Struct with filtering options (See CoherenceFilter.m)
% outputs,
%   Iout : The anisotropic diffusion filtered image
% Written by D.Kroon University of Twente (September 2009)

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