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Dialog for show or modify structured data



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ANSWER = STRUCTDLG(S) creates a modal dialog box that returns user input for multiple prompts in the struct ANSWER. S is the default struct. Each prompt string will inherit the S' fields name.
ANSWER will be the same struct as S except for fields of type "cell array of string" that will be returned as a single string (that selected by the user).
Dialog supports field of following types:
- numeric (both scalar and multi-dimensional)
- string (both single-line and multi-line)
- logical (both scalar and multi-dimensional)
- cellarray (both strings and heterogeneous data-types)
- struct

ANSWER = STRUCTDLG(S,NAME) specifies dialog title

ANSWER = STRUCTDLG(S,NAME,OPTIONS) specifies the option structure

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MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)

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