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Graphical progress bar, containing an arbitrary number of bars.

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Simple graphical representation of algorithm progress, useful within a loop that is expected to take some time to complete. Can customize figure properties, number of bars, bar foreground and background color, title, and text message above each bar. Call to update the progressbar will only render if the new progress is sufficiently different, avoiding unnecessary calls to image() thus saving time in a looped algorithm.

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Jan Keller

Nice functions but gives an error.
p = progressbar('Position',[5 3 10 20])
results in
Error using set
Conversion to double from struct is not possible.

Error in progressbar (line 59)


karan (view profile)

he i want to use this add on to my existing GUI, but i am not sure how to incorporate/integrate it into my GUI...Can you provide some tips/help



Fixed bug with figure format input parameters

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

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