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Miller Indices of Cubic Crystals

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Simple GUI that displays properties of Miller Indices for cubic crystals.



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millerind() is a graphical user interface that gives a simple method to view and understand the underlying princples behind the Miller indices of a cubic crystal.

By entering a desired plane and pressing "Plot", the desired plane along with its orthogonal vector are displayed on the crystal cube, and all possible plane equivalents are shown. You can choose any of these planes to have them being shown on the axes, or you can rotate the cube manually and find out which equivalent plane results.

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Jared Paquet

Not working in newer version of Matlab

Netta Claudia

How do I use this in my matlab application? Sorry, I'm a newbie here..

Chris FUNG


Ralf (view profile)

Nice visualization. By the way: do you now about MTEX, ? I think this would be a nice feature to include. If you are interested in participating write me.

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MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)

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