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List files with specified suffix

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%GETFILELIST generates a list of files with specified suffix under topDir.



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%GETFILELIST generates a list of files with specified suffix under topDir.
% This function lists files with specified suffix under topDir. It
% searches all levels of subfolders.
% FileList: a cell to store the list.
% topDir: top directory in which files are searched.
% suffix: type of files to search, default by AVI.
% outputFlag: a bool value to determine whether an output file is
% generated.
% Shiquan Wang @ CASIA
% revised on 2009/10/26

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Andrea (view profile)

I was looking for something like the DOS command "dir *.xxx /s" and that's it!
Very useful!
Thank you

Shiquan Wang

To Carlos
Thanks for your suggestion. dir with '*' will do the same. My inten tion is to list all files even they are in subfolders for the ease of further use.

You may use LS with wildcard '*' and that's it.



log20091026 add check for '.','..' folders instead of skipping first two folders. line78-line90


2009/10/20 fixed a bug that outputFlag is not correctly set.

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MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)
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