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Coordinate descent for Compressed Sensing

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Coordinate descent for Compressed Sensing



Linearly-constrained L1 minimization for compressed sensing

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This package has solvers for constrained and unconstrained L1 minimization, which is useful for compressed sensing.
u = COORDL1BREG(A,f,lambda) solves the minimization problem
                    min_u ||u||_1 subject to A*u = f
where A is an MxN matrix and f is a vector of length M. Input lambda is a positive parameter used within the algorithm.

u = COORDLSL1(A,f,lambda) solves the minimization problem
                    min_u ||u||_1 + lambda ||A*u - f||_2^2

Algorithms are based on greedy coordinate descent and the Bregman iterative method.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)
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