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FFT accelerated surface analysis tools package

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FFT accelerated functions for analysing 1D and 2D signals such surface profiles, surfaces and images



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This package consist of a number of auxiliary functions that are helpful for analysing 1D and 2D signals such as surface profiles and surfaces and images. They are all built upon the built-in MATLAB FFT routine for fast execution and they replicate (when it is existing) the result produced by built-in MATLAB function to some extent or completely.
The help files provides examples of usage for most of functions included in the package. In some examples comparison with functions from the signal processing toolbox are made. However the functions provided in the package are standalone and requires nothing but standard MATLAB.

Hope this is helpful

- Andreas Almqvist

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In mygaussian2 the output zc does now also pass through the function fftshift. This is required because the fft and ifft functions shift the data, i.e. if you enter data on a domain 0:N, the result is shifted to –N/2:N/2.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)

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