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Wind Turbine Model



05 Nov 2009 (Updated )

Wind turbine model including blades, nacelle, pitch and yaw actuation, generator and control system.

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This file contains a wind turbine model. It includes a three-dimensional mechanical model of the tower, nacelle, and blades modeled in SimMechanics, hydraulic pitch actuators, electrical yaw actuators, a simple generator and electrical grid model. There are a number of supporting models included that show how to develop each of the systems separately and integrate them into the overall model. The level of fidelity for each subsystem can be varied as you work through the design.

To use this example, you will need to read the README.txt file. Run the script, “startup_Wind_Turbine.m” to get started.

Watch this four part webinar series to learn about this model:

You can request a trial in order to get the products you need to run this demonstration:,MS,LD,SH,SN,PS,ML,SL,SF

To learn more about MathWorks Physical Modeling Products, go to:

Required Products SimDriveline
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.1 (R2013a)
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Comments and Ratings (93)
06 Dec 2014 Rana Amir  
07 Nov 2014 Raed Ibrahim

great job

26 Oct 2014 STUDENT

Hi, anybody know about DFIG with FAST&TURBSIM IN SIMULINK operation,,, pls mail related matlab operations,

22 Oct 2014 Elham Tofighi

Hi Steve,
Is there any citation link to this sample?
How can I refer to this sample in my work?

25 Sep 2014 shahid hussain

nice working..

24 Sep 2014 Dimitrios

Great job!

25 Aug 2014 Motaz Amer

if you please i want a m.file to calculate the output power of wind turbine and PV by only giving them the rated power of each and wind speed for the turbine and temperature and sun radiance for PV. please send it to me on

18 Jun 2014 Swanil  
18 Apr 2014 Sepideh  
12 Apr 2014 Preety

Can anyone please help me in designing a system in Simulink for pitch control with blade load only? I am not considering the power part but only the loading. I want to test the system under static and dynamic conditions but I am not familiar with the equations to use. I am also not considering the yaw mechanism. It is a simple design but I still need help with the mathematical modelling.

31 Mar 2014 Stevenson

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your work! However, I have a problem. I have a 64 bits Matlab. When I run your model, it gives an error. How can I resolve this problem. This is the message:
The MATLAB C and Fortran API has changed to support MATLAB
variables with more than 2^32-1 elements. In the near future
you will be required to update your code to utilize the new
API. You can find more information about this at:
Building with the -largeArrayDims option enables the new API.

05 Feb 2014 SONG

Is there any manual to deal with this model?
I am struggling to follow the video, but it's not easy. And html link is not working. Any guys have idea for this?

05 Feb 2014 SONG  
16 Jan 2014 mah lat  
13 Jan 2014 ximing

I want to create some fault cases of the subsystem to see how it responds and therefore have some question: is there any way to change certain parameter during the simulation? For instance, simulation time is 80, I want to replace the leakage area of 4-way directional valve in hydraulic pitch system with another value at 40 second. Is it theoretical doable?

14 Nov 2013 Pascal

I just finished the settings and got it behaving well with matlab R2013a. Hope this helps mac OS 10.9 users. Instal Xcode 5.0.2,
1. As presented on , run the following commands on matlab R2013a command window:


cd bin


2. Save a backup copy of this file somewhere in case you make a mistake and you need to revert your changes.

3. Scroll down to the Mac (“maci64”) section of this file, beginning around line 120.

4. Replace all instances of 10.7 with 10.8; there are four of these in all (a fifth may be found in comments only)

5. Save the file, then execute the following command in the MATLAB Command Window:

mex -setup

6. Change the matlab current work directory to the equivalent unzipped folder for matlab R2013a.

7. open the file “startup_Wind_Turbine” and change all the "\" by "/"

8. Save "keep a backup of the original "startup_Wind_Turbine" if you have deleted the original zip file"

9. Follow the instructions in the README.txt file and you will have it all done.

Hope it helps

14 Nov 2013 Pascal  
27 Sep 2013 Simone

I'm trying to do exactly the same thing, but I have some problem to convert the values ​​of Voltage and Current from phasor mode to continuous-time mode.

Any suggestion is appreciated.

16 Sep 2013 Simone  
16 Sep 2013 Faisal

Can any one help me to design a wind turbine connected with a grid

01 Sep 2013 Alexandar

sir i need wind and solar model in mdl file format.plz send to my mail id

22 Aug 2013 gaurav singh bhandari

how can design wind model with intergated to grid in 3d visulation

22 Aug 2013 gaurav singh bhandari

please give suggestion and if yu have file so send me my mail

22 Aug 2013 Johan Risandi

HI Steve,
is it possible to modify the wind density? If so, it sounds work well for ocean current also

27 Jul 2013 KOYUM bakare

am final year undergraduate student,pls I need a model for 1kw .my email is .tnks

28 May 2013 edgar george

es greath :3

19 Apr 2013 MohammadReza

@Sepideh: Yes, of course I did, It has successfully done miss Sepideh and I'll defend my work less than one week later... (my first comment that didn't show up) ;)

19 Apr 2013 MohammadReza

@Sepideh: by the way, I'll glad to help you to solve your problem

18 Apr 2013 Sepideh

Thank you, this project is really useful.
@MohammadReza: Did you solve your problem? You know, My project is designing pitch controller for wind turbine by robust fuzzy controller method as well.

18 Apr 2013 Sepideh  
18 Apr 2013 Sepideh  
04 Mar 2013 MohammadReza

This is a general error and isn't the Model issue, Please refer to the following link to solve the problem:

04 Mar 2013 priyanka

rose@mohammed reza:When i run start up im getting c failto load to solve this.Thanks in advance

18 Feb 2013 priyanka

@mohammed reza:This is Priyanka,im pursuing Btech final year.My project involves simulating the physical model of a wind turbine which is in our college.
What coulld be the procedure to simulate each and every component of a wind turbine ,as im new to simulink.Kindly help me out to solve this.

16 Feb 2013 priyanka

@steve miller:This is Priyanka,im pursuing Btech final year.My project involves simulating the physical model of a wind turbine which is in our college.
What coulld be the procedure to simulate each and every component of a wind turbine ,as im new to simulink.Kindly help me out to solve this.

16 Feb 2013 MohammadReza

@priyanka: Simply you need to run Startup file to initiate default values and load libraries. by the way there is no simulation of this project for MATLAB 2010a it is just for 2009b, 2011a, 2012a & 2012b. You may need to install different version of MATLAB.

16 Feb 2013 priyanka

@mohammed reza:i am having problem when i run the Startup_Wind_Turbine.m file. it is unable to compile. When I run the .mdl file directly it open up the complete model but when i simulate it, it gives some error: Failed to find library 'Wind_Lib' referenced by 'Wind_Turbine/Blade Load'. This library must be on your MATLAB path.

But this error is solved when I added path in MATLAB. Now when I run the simulation in simulink I get error:
"Expression WT_Params.Main_Controller.wind_speed_cut_in_lower' for initial value of data 'wind_speed_cut_in_lower' (#66) did not evaluate."

15 Feb 2013 MohammadReza

@Steve Miller: or How can I force turbine to work only in Generating State...

15 Feb 2013 MohammadReza

@Steve Miller: I think my last comment didn't pop up, I already managed to replace pitch controller with my fuzzy controller in Pitch Controller block, but there is a problem with Turbine State Machine in Main Controller block. when wind speed gets more than 25rpm, the turbine goes to brake state. my fuzzy controller handle these state automatically. I already changed input value for wind speed to solve this but I know it's just a temporary solution! How can I bypass Main Controller section or change the default values for turbine_speed_cut_in, wind_speed_cut_in_upper and wind_speed_cut_in_lower? Thanks...

15 Feb 2013 MohammadReza

@Steve Miller: In a simple word, I need turbine works only in Generating State...

15 Feb 2013 bab zagro

very good

15 Feb 2013 Steve Miller

@MohammadReza -- concerning the negative power, this model does not have any logic to control when the generator is connected to the grid. As a result, there is a significant transient when we simply close the breaker when the turbine is near the appropriate speed. The unexpected sign is because the generator is actually driven by the grid for a short period of time.

15 Feb 2013 priyanka

@mohammedreza:I ve already installed matlab R2010a,initially i tried to run startup..but im getting error .
.Kindly help me to solve this

15 Feb 2013 MohammadReza

@priyanka: Can you specify the error details?

15 Feb 2013 priyanka

I ve matlab R2010a,im not able to run this model.Kindly help me to solve this

12 Feb 2013 MohammadReza

Another question, If I'm right We have a simulation for 2MW wind turbine but the y axis of output power diagram in Generator Scope have some value between -0.3639 and -0.3635 and power values are in this range! I'm confused...

12 Feb 2013 MohammadReza

By the way, I sent you an email with the subject "Some help please..." two weeks ago, I'll appreciate if you take a look on that...

12 Feb 2013 MohammadReza

Thank you, That's great...

12 Feb 2013 Steve Miller

@MohammadReza -- when you first open the model it is configured to run with only the mechanical load from the generator and omits the electrical system. To include the electrical power generation, you need to go into the Nacelle subsystem, right-click on the Generator Block, and select "Block Choice" / "Full". Then you will see output on the Power Scope.

12 Feb 2013 MohammadReza

Hi every body, I got a question, How can I see output generator power (P(W)) in this model? I found that there is a power variable in Generator Scopes but the Power diagram shows only zero value! what is the problem in this model?

29 Jan 2013 Mehmet TASPINAR  
16 Nov 2012 Muhammad

Can anybody send me a control wind turbine system by using braking system . . . .I need urgent .. .please send me on ....

26 Oct 2012 abdelrahman elshazly

thank you very much

22 Oct 2012 Elisa  
17 Oct 2012 tushar garg

i waana help in simulation of micro wind power generator with battery energy storage for critical load....

10 Oct 2012 ahmed mohamed

very good work

06 Sep 2012 JOLIA

I successfully run the model and review webinars and it is very very usefull and it is really great work...
But I really interested in Yaw control than Pitch control so if you can send me the yaw controller_testering it will be a really great thing.
As I try to change in model yaw control system but it is not available to edit in a subsystem....
thanks in advance

16 Jul 2012 Taiwo Odumosu

please does anybody have the model for a 1kw wind turbine?

16 Jul 2012 COSKUN TUNCER  
15 Jul 2012 Taiwo Odumosu

thanks a lot for this mr miller, please i need the model for a small wind turbine rated 1kw. please can you upload the .m and .mdl file? I'll really appreciate you for this. please time is of the essence. my email is

05 Jun 2012 Ashish


Thanks for reply, I've R2010a Version of matlab, is there any procedure to download SimDriveline exclusively & to integrate with Matlab Version R2010a.

Thanks in Advance

29 May 2012 Steve Miller

Ashish -- you need SimDriveline to run this model. Make sure you are using the right MATLAB release. Before R2011a, use the R2009b version, after R2011a use the R2011a version.

29 May 2012 Ashish

Getting Error

Unable to open file for reading: "sdl_lib.mdl".

25 May 2012 Ashish


I'm NEW to Matlab, & i'm trying to run this model, but while executing "startup_Wind_Turbine.m" file, i'm receiving the error

1. "Failed to load library 'Wind_Lib' referenced by 'Wind_Turbine/Blade Load" &

2. "Unable to open file for reading: "Wind_Lib.mdl"."

Kindly Help.

Thanks in Advance

24 Apr 2012 mars

excellent work thank you

08 Jan 2012 Akash

can anyone please help me regarding this project. whenver i run the model error msz is displayed..
i have urgent need for it.. i shall be really grtful .. my id is

20 Dec 2011 ehs  
26 Nov 2011 amroune

excellent work thank you

23 Sep 2011 Shivaram  
30 Jul 2011 yang shaohui

good things

06 Jul 2011 Ahmed Bastawy

While running the startup_wind_turbine.m, it make an error while generating the model because of the Compiler.. how can I solve it?

10 Apr 2011 Lukasz

excellent work!!!

15 Mar 2011 Mohd Mohd

hye..can u help me??
i have a problem too run this model..
can u send to me the model without error??hope u can sent to

15 Mar 2011 Tiago

Hi again,
Gorget the previous problem, i have already solve it.

14 Mar 2011 Tiago

I'm having trouble running the application on a windows 7, 64 bits, PC.
The only file available is "Wind_Turbine_sfun.mexw32", and I am not sure if I have all the files required to compile the .mexw64 file. Could you send this file?
The simulink main file is crashing with the error "Unable to locate 'mexopts.bat', and therefore cannot determine which compiler to use for simulation builds. Use 'mex -setup' to select a supported compiler.". I am currently trying to install a compiler.
Thank you for your help.

09 Mar 2011 Mohd Mohd

why i can't open file in ???
can u help me???

28 Jan 2011 Steve Miller

If you are having trouble running the model, please remember to run startup_Wind_Turbine.m first. Many of the errors you are getting are because you are opening the model directly. Errors concerning "wind_lib" will be solved if you run startup_Wind_Turbine.m Read the README.txt file for more information. Enjoy, --Steve

24 Jan 2011 teddy mi

pls say something

01 Jan 2011 teddy mi

hi Steve Miller

i appreciate your "Wind Turbine Model"
and i have a problem when i start simulation of this model
its error massage says
1) failed to find library 'wind_lib' refranced by 'wind_turbine/blade load' this liberary must be in your MATLAB path
2)failed to find library 'wind_lib' 'wind_turbine/blade load/ lift and drag' this library must be in your MATLAB path

please send me by by including those library's email

05 Sep 2010 Mohamed abo el ella

Dear sir,
i am working on turbine control project using Lidar technology , and i downloaded this model to perform my control algorithm for individual pitch control on the turbine.
i have some questions which i hope to find answers for it:
1- when i run the model without adding the generator the model works good and when i add it errors occur in the following part
wind_turbine/nacelle/generator/full/asynchronus machine pu units/ electrical model/phasor/positive sequence model

wind_turbine/nacelle/generator/full/asynchronus machine pu units/ electrical model/phasor/positive sequence model/mux 3.

and the problems is in the dimensions

what should i do to solve this problem

2- is it possible to replace the controller for yaw motor and pitch angles with another controller which i am working at and also the generator used

04 Sep 2010 Ahmed Hemeida

Dear Sir,
I have a problem sending the brakes requirement from the word file. The error message is (Could not locate id "GIDa_28459038_8e2a_4012_b92b_873919de293f" in the model "Wind_Turbine")
Please send me on my email id (

15 Aug 2010 Xin


24 Jun 2010 eman abu shabab


10 May 2010 Avinash kumar

sir,I am Avinash kumar persuing B.Tech in electrical engg.
I want to run this project,but after a lot of effort I couldn't able to know how can i add its path in mat lab, how can i run this model & also how can i remove its error.
If possible then please send me its complete model file that i can run on my pc.
please send me on my email id
Avinash kumar

19 Feb 2010 Abubaker Shekhani

Great Work!!
i am having problem when i run the Startup_Wind_Turbine.m file. it is unable to compile. When I run the .mdl file directly it open up the complete model but when i simulate it, it gives some error: Failed to find library 'Wind_Lib' referenced by 'Wind_Turbine/Blade Load'. This library must be on your MATLAB path.

But this error is soleved when I added path in MATLAB. Now when I run the simulation in simulink I get error:
"Expression WT_Params.Main_Controller.wind_speed_cut_in_lower' for initial value of data 'wind_speed_cut_in_lower' (#66) did not evaluate."

01 Feb 2010 Badrinath Veluri  
01 Feb 2010 Badrinath Veluri

It is really a great job.

26 Jan 2010 muk  
01 Dec 2009 Jun  
11 Nov 2009 Arpriya  
11 Nov 2009 Climber ?  
11 Nov 2009 mohammad

excellent work Mr steve miller i hope that you publish more

10 Nov 2009 Erdal Bizkevelci  
10 Nov 2009

Fixed description.

10 Nov 2009

Updated zip file with new HTML report from Simulink Report Generator.

15 Apr 2011

Updated for R2011a. Uses new Simscape-based SimDriveline library. R2009b version of the model is still included in the zip file.

25 Sep 2012

Added R2012b version using SimMechanics Second Generation Technology. An R2012a version using SimMechanics First Generation Technology has also been added.

15 Mar 2013

Zip file updated with R2013a version. Also includes versions for R2012b, R2012a, R2011a, and R2009b.

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