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Stiches or averages two image files or two sound files into a single file.



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This utility can stitch or average two images together into a single image. Brings up a GUI to allow use to select two images from listboxes, select whether they want them stitched side-by-side, or over-and-under, where to place smaller images in the event of size mismatches (for example in the center or the upper left), and allows them to rotate one or both images by 90 or 180 degrees. It can process a single pair of images, or batch process a number of selected pairs.

Besides images, it can also process sound files of ".wav" format. For .WAV format sound files, it can stitch them together (concatenate them). It does not blend (average) two wav files together (in this version).

This should work with much older versions of MATLAB (than R2009b), as long as you have the Image Processing Toolbox.

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nayyi myat


Adeel (view profile)

Mark Hayworth

Mark Hayworth (view profile)

Minealter, they got rid of the 4th output argument in a version after R2009b. I changed the function to get rid of it and submitted it and the updated version should be up shortly.


There might be a mistake in my computer win7.My software version is R2013b,"fileparts" has 3 output arguments, but your parts at the line 613,
"[folder, name, extension, version] = fileparts(baseFileName)",
will it be fixed?

lo luo

lo luo (view profile)

The code works very well. Thanks for sharing the code

Mark Hayworth

Mark Hayworth (view profile)

An update was submitted on Nov. 12.



Got rid of version, an output of fileparts() that used to be provided, but is now no longer returned by fileparts().


1. Fixed small bug in the blending images routine. 2. Added Brett Shoelson's trick to change Current Folder to the m-file's folder.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)

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