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A tool to receive an email notification at the end of a PolySpace verification



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The goal of PolySpace Email Notifier (or simply EmailNotifier) is very simple: automatically send an email at the end of a PolySpace verification that runs on a server.
The features of EmailNotifier:
- the email is sent to the author of the project
- it runs on the Queue Manager
- it is possible to send the email to another person (Cc)
- 2 mail protocols can be used : sendmail and SMTP
- if the verification has failed, the last 20 lines of the log will be showed in the email, otherwise the check statistics will be given.

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Learn more about Polyspace static code analysis here:


Updated license


Added robustness against non responsive Queue Manager


More robustness and a new mode to send notifications for unit-by-unit verifications.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

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