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Blind Channel estimation for MIMO systems using Orthogonal Space time codes

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Perform channel estimation for OSTBC-MIMO systems.



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The channel estimation algorithm is based on Second Order Statistics. The method works only for SOS-identifiable Orthogonal STBC. See publication [1] for more detail about the algorithm and [2] for more details about the identifiability conditions.
The zip file contains three m files.

- space_time_coding.m (perform space time coding)
- SOS_channel_estimation_OSTBC.m (channel estimation)
- one_shot.m (show an example)

To use these files, extract the three files in the same folder. Then, call the script one_shot in the matlab command window.


[1] S. Shahbazpanahi, A.B. Gershman, and J.H. Manton, "Closedform blind mimo channel estimation for othogonal space-time codes," IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, vol. 53, no. 12, pp. 4506{4517, 2005.
[2] J. Vía and I. Santamaría, "On the blind identifiability of orthogonal space-time block codes from second order statistics", IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol.54, no.2, pp.709-722, February 2008

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