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Servomotor modeling with SimMechanics and SimElectronics

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Servomotor modeling with SimMechanics and SimElectronics



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In the file we have the servomotor CAD model (SolidWorks), for more information (Videos, text)

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chizom wornu

please how do change it to 0-90 instead of 18-90. i used 1.1 as the pulse it worked when i go to 90 and back to 0, it does not remain at zero please help


Taha (view profile)


reznov (view profile)

Brijesh Patel

Actually I am working on simmechanics simulation for collision avoidance mobile robot. when I run model imported from solidworks. at initial ,just at gravitational force wheels start oscillating like pendulum. I dont get it.
Can u please help me out?


HSNMZ (view profile)

Brooks Latta

Can this servo model be modified to make the servo a continuous rotating servo? If so, how would you recommend it?

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