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Getting Started with Simulink 3D Animation: Bouncing Ball with Deformation Demo

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This helps you get started with Simulink 3D Animation formerly known as Virtual Reality Toolbox.



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The main goal of this demo is to show how you can improve your visualization and understanding of a dynamic system that has simple second order differential equations but complex to visualize due to switching between them. By using 3D animation, you can get a much better understanding of the deformation of the ball.
The zip file contains:

1. PDf document: This walks through the modeling equations for free fall , the collision and the deformation.
2. The mdl file contains the Simulink® model that represents the above equations. We use Embedded MATLAB® to model contact and collision equations.
3. The WRL file contains the 3D world built with V-Realm Builder.

The videos walking through these steps are available here:

1. Building a Simulink Model

2. Building a 3D World

3. Connect SImulink Model to 3D World

Check out some other videos and product demos here:

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