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Using MATLAB to Develop Macroeconomic Models

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Analyze a stylized version of the Smets-Wouters model for the United States economy.



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Slides, software, and data for the MathWorks webinar, "Using MATLAB to Develop Macroeconomic Models." The file contains a file moneydemo.pdf with slides for the webinar and a collection of MATLAB scripts and helper functions to perform a number of macroeconomic analyses. The main script is called moneydemo.m. Instructions and some suggestions for tweaking the MATLAB code are in the file readme.txt.

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Bob Taylor

Bob Taylor (view profile)

The FRED URL has changed. Replace the line:
c = fred;
with the line:
c = fred('');
and the script will work properly.


David (view profile)



excelent, thanks


Lars (view profile)


Lars (view profile)

The impulse response graph that the above showed is a 3-dimension, but I just need a 2-dimensional impulse response. could you make some adjustments?


Bob Taylor

Bob Taylor (view profile)

It would take a little effort set up a variance decomposition. Some of what you might need, however, is already in the code in vgxpred so I would suggest looking at the code as a start (particularly the lag operator C and the subsequent loop).

It is very good, in addition to impulse response, could you construct variance decomposition?


Xing (view profile)


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